Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Effortless Hoodie

The Effortless Hoodie does look a little tight in the arms but I'd like to see it one size up on her. The hoodie is much looser on the lululemon model. I think you really need to go for the oversized, boyfriend look for it to look right. I am getting bummed because I think mine is not going to fit right. I will let you all know tomorrow.

 Photo of the newest Scuba Hoodies - Silver, Lolo, Senorita Pink, Senorita Pink & Black Woven

Great Close up of the Senorita Pink / Black Woven Scuba Hoodie

This photo shows the detail on the new SE CRBs

The previous version of the dual-tone Special Edition Cool Racerbacks used Power Mesh around the neck holes and arm holes but the new ones are all light luon. The layered effect is very subtle and best appreciated from close up. It's a cute look and saves you the bother of layering your own.

 The brisk ear warmer is already sold out on line but you may be able to call the GEC and have them find one for you. I kind of like it but it never gets cold enough here to need ear protection even though I have seen people at Disneyland wearing ear muffs in our brutal 50 degree winters. My husband and I grew up back east so we smirk at the thin-blooded natives.

Lolo Define - Special!   (~_^)

New Wunder Groove Crop

New Groove pants - I love the lolo/power purple ones

New Astro Pants


Anonymous said...

did you size down in the effortless? Is that why you don't think it will fit right? I stayed TTS. Hopefully that works...

momof5 said...

I ordered a 4 and a 6 -- I am normally a 6 -- because I was unsure of the fit -- I am glad I did -- hopefully it fits like on the model -I don't think it was meant to be worn tight --

I love the new astro -- i would never think of the lolo and river rock together -- and it looks sharp!!

I ordered the lolo/power grooves yesterday -- can't wait to get them -

I would love to see a pic of the new astro pant colors with the new push tops in static and contrasting straps-

LuluAddict said...

I didn't size down in the Effortless but people are saying they tried on their normal Remix size and found it to be tight in the arms. I was hoping the Effortless runs loose like it shows on the model. Mine should come by 3 pm this afternoon so I'll give you a report by then.

momof5 said...

There is a pic on the lulu facebook page of someone modeling the effortless hoodie and short -- she stayed true to size and it looks cute -I am still holing out hope to love this

Canadian eh said...

I think I'm the only one who doesn't like the Effortless! I think it looks shloppy.
I'm really disappointed with this week's upload, and where's all the loot???
One of my local stores sent out a notification with the lolo modern crew neck & on the back the stitching is invisible, unlike the ones I saw in store with the bright white contrasting stitching... what's up? Are there 2 versions??

Anonymous said...

@Canadian--I agree, the Effortless looks like they put no effort into it. In other words, they didn't double over the fabric to stitch the seams, they spent no effort in applying the symbol. Yeah, effortless is quite an accurate term. The Effortless Short is even more ridiculous for what they're asking for them. Really? $48 for cut off sweats? I can take my Loot Flashback crops at $19 and slice off several inches and get the Effortless Shorts...for $19! Ok, rant over...i feel better.

Anonymous said...

The Effortless does look sloppy, no doubt. Obviously that's the style of it though. So do the $128 scubas, and lots of $200+ jeans I see for sale (not that I buy...). Anyway, I ordered an Effortless, I don't think I'll be wearing it to any fancy parties, more like hacking around at the park with the kids. I'll be interested to see what LuluAddict says about her order.

Anonymous said...

@Anon: do you wear your other lulus to fancy parties? Isn't the quality & styling what we love about Lululemon? I can buy slouchy clothes @ Wal-Mart

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't go to many fancy parties, but if I had one on the agenda, I can think of a few lulu items I'd wear. I love that lulu offers a wide range of stuff though. I assume it will be a high quality sloppy-looking garment. And if I don't like it - I'll just return it. I have a distressed remix and I love it, so perhaps finished edges on every lulu item isn't a big priority for me.

Megan said...

I got the headband in the store, but didn't try it on (because I didn't want to mess up my hair). So anyway, it's going back because it fits funny around my face. I was hoping to like it because I do live in a colder climate and while the cold doesn't bother me, when it gets under 50 degrees, and I go out for a long dog walk, my inner ears will really start to hurt if they are not covered. This seemed nice because it wasn't as heavy as a fleece one but would still keep the brisk air from getting in my ears. oh well.