Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photos of the Back of the Lolo / Power Purple Push UR Limits

Finally some photos showing the back of the lolo purple Push UR Limits. Do you think this tank will be uploaded tomorrow? I hope so. It would save me a trip to the store. Someone commented in an earlier post that the two static dark classic sport gray Push UR Limits are made of light luon instead of luxtreme. Does anyone know if that is true? It could be the case of the luxtreme version of dark classic sport gray not feeling like a typical solid colored luxtreme. I know my luxtreme heathered coal wee stripe tanks feel thicker than my other luxtreme tops.  It's true - the static dark classic sport gray versions are luon light instead of luxtreme. A reader found the tag to the one she bought and it says luon light. I have to admit I find luon light to be hotter and not as breathable as luxtreme for hot workouts. I do like luon light better than full weight luon tops in hot weather but I prefer luxtreme to them both. One reason I bought my first Push UR Limits was that it was made of luxtreme and I intended to wear it for spin class. Our spin class gets like a sauna so I am always on the lookout for the lightest, most breathable and wicking tanks and the (luxtreme) Push is one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

I commented on the grey push your limits tank earlier... I've dug out the tag from the garbage and it reads:
Push Ur Limits Tank
2. Luon light is lighter weight than our luon with the same performance -- breathable, 4-ways stretch, coverage
4. Luxtreme wide straps provide comrfortable support - no cutting into shoulders

The code on my tank is SDCS/RVRK

I bought the static grey tank with the black trim last month and found it very scratchy so I returned it -- the tanks with the coloured straps have a much nicer feel

LuluAddict said...

Thanks anon - I'll update this post. That is super interesting that the static dark classic sport gray version are made of luon light. Do you think the one with the back straps was luxtreme or luon light? Do you have an all luxtreme version and have you compared exercising in them both? I have to say I find luon light hotter to workout in than the luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember what the one with the black straps was -- it was definitely a different material though, it felt quite stiff. The one with the river rock straps is very very soft, but is thicker than the luxtreme. It also feels thicker than the racerbacks.

The only luxtreme top I have is the Push Ur Limits in lolo purple... but I haven't worked out in it yet (it still has the tags on as I am trying to justify buying several of the same tank ;) )

I am in Canada so I don't know if that means the stuff we get is a bit different though.

Anonymous said...

FYI, I had to go up a size in this. I normally wear a 6 but when i tried them on *senorita and the lolo* they were tight, and I know I havent changed b/c I just bought the alarming one in a 6 a few weeks ago. Lulu said that these are a tighter fit due to the fabric, so heads up ladies, order a size large than you normally would ;-)

Pattybea said...

I size up as well. I also find it to be a shorter tank. Personally, not my fav...

M said...

looks like your upload wish came true - lolo/power purple push ur limits just uploaded - no static grey ones though!

Becky C said...

I tried on the grey/senorita and the purple combo last night. I did also notice the different feel of the fabric but liked the way the grey fit better across my belly. I didn't size up, but I wasn't sure I loved how much it showed in the tummy area. If I would have sized up I think it would have been too big in the chest, but probably would have been a nice fit in the belly. I'm still considering buying one though, mostly because others have said you can run in it without a bra underneath. I did jump around a bit and I'm not sure I'd be able to run in it. I'm a 34C and I think I still would need more support than just the tank (I've never found a tank with enough support to run without another bra).

Anonymous said...

push ur limits up for lolo and statics; arm and head warmers (LOL); the ombre-patterned shorts; way overpriced cut off shorts and an equally overpriced distressed sweatshirt; SE CRBs; scubas in lolo/silver and solid lolo; tons of groove pants.

Laura GEC Online Community said...

Hi LuluAddict & all!
Just noticed your comments on the static dark classic sport grey Push Ur Limits being luon light instead of luxtreme. This is in fact true. The reason the static dark classic sport grey/senorita pink and dark classic sport grey/river rock is luon instead of luxtreme is because we're not able to get the "static" effect with the luxtreme material. Everything else about the tank is the same: luxtreme straps, mesh back, and medium support.

GEC Online
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Anonymous said...

They can get the static effect with luxtreme -- it was on the push ur limits with the black straps.

I was back in the store yesterday, and noticed that the Luon light on the tank is the same fabric as the Luon on the Define and Stride jackets (in the same static grey), and is thicker than the luon light static grey CRB. I think Lululemon's labelling is just pretty inconsistent (as is the sizing between fabrics sometimes).