Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Product Alert Pics and Other Comments

Inner Strength in River Rock

Stride in River Rock - This pic is a truer representation than the above. River Rock is kind of greenish.

Scoop in Lolo - I love this combination. I might have to get this tank.

Peace of Mind in Citron (note the new shorts)

Details on the Peace of Mind Vest - I didn't realize the hood was edged in Coal

All the colors in the Revitalize Singlet - Oasis, Citron Coal, Alarming and Black

Although I'm not a big remix fan (too short for me and too heavy for SoCal), I like that they are embroidering designs on the hoodies. If I have a choice between embroidery and a print, I always try to buy sweatshirts or tops with embroidery - it makes it a little nicer in my opinion. The Remix Lights from last year had some embroidery on it. I have the Coal/Vancouver with "Love" embroidered on the sleeve. I know some of the Remixes had the same "love" and "om" on them, too.  I'll be interested to see the embroidery on the new Remixes.

 Remix Light with "love" on the Sleeve

Remix Light with "OM" Embroidered on the Sleeve

I think of the two prints, I like the butterfly best. I wish they would put a print like that on a tunic length long sleeve tee. I like the subtle tone on tone prints. The 5 year tee from last year with the swan and the flowers were too loud, for lack of a better word. For these prints, the shirt wore you, not the other way around.


Anonymous said...

LuluAddict please help! Do you have any pictures of the citron running luon (the new scarf or hat) or a darker based skin tone? It looks great on really fair skin, but I can't decide if it'll suit me (I'm on the browner side).

RunningOnCoffee said...

My store product email included the Run: Inspire crop in black, alarming, oasis; Community pant in black, coal; Community jacket in black, lolo; Gather Racerback in dk gray, oasis; Modern crewneck in alarming, heathered ash. The banner for the email featured the Swiftly shorts, perhaps in a classic gray color? But no link to a product page.

Anyone think the Run: Inspire top will be available tomorrow?

I like the colors for the Revitalize singlet, but still not sold on the style.

I think my current favorite tops for running are still the I Just Wanna Run, the Zoom Singlet, and the Circle Mesh CRB.

ChiRunner said...

I wish the Run: Inspire top would become available this week, but I don't have high hopes for it happening since t doesn't seem to have shown up in any stores yet. Sadly, we may have a couple more weeks to wait for it.

houndlvr67 said...

Product notifications from Pearl District (Portland, OR) and Bellevue (WA) had the Scuba hoodie in coal/black pencil sketch, ash/citron pencil sketch, and ash/coal pencil sketch (which is the one from the sneak peek-I think).

Anonymous said...

Got the scoop tank today in lolo/power purple. The colour combo is so flattering .... if you can you shud pick it up ..

Becky C said...

I'm really loving that Inner Strength tank. I'm thinking of returning my Fouette Tank in alarming. Just not enough warm weather left in WI to justify it and it's not exactly a gym staple.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Lolo and pencil sketch scubas are in US stores! Also a new neck warmer and hat.,%202010

LuluAddict said...

OMG - how funny. I posted how I liked my Vancouver Love Remix Light and guess what is embroidered on these "art" hoodies? The word "love". Wow, original. I like the butterfly anyway. I'll put the pics in a new post.

Megan said...

desperately can't wait for those purple plaid shorts - look like groovy runs?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:30 - I'm looking for the citron running luon on darker skin tones. I'll post a link as soon as I can find it.

LuluAddict said...

@ Becky - Do you think you will wear the Fouette next summer? The Fouette is a really cute tank. You might think you'll catch the next cute strappy tank Lululemon makes next summer but it's not often they get a design this right - it'll be too tight in the chest, it'll show too much cleavage, it'll pouf out too much, it'll show too much armpit fat,etc. You could always layer another bra under it for the gym. I put the Free 2 Be under my Fouette.

I have to be honest, I find the Inner Strength to be a blah tank. It's an ok all-around tank but I think the Commit is better - more support, more figure flattering, with eye catching design details.

Take a look at the number of reviews to gauge the popularity. The Inner Strength was introduced in March and has 22 reviews. The Push UR Limits also came out in March and has 68 reviews. The Fouette just came out and already has 17 reviews. The Commit also just came out and has 14 reviews. I'm really kind of surprised Lululemon is bringing out all the new Inner Strengths - I thought it was one of those mediocre tanks that would disappear after one or two color runs.

If you like the color combo, the Scoop Neck comes in the same River Rock / Static Charcoal and is a much more figure flattering design. If I really wanted the color combo, I'd get a Scoop Neck.

Anonymous said...

This is anon 6:30 - thanks for looking - I hope you have better luck than I did!

Becky C said...

@ LuluAddict That's a good point...I'm sure I would wear it next summer. Maybe I should at least put it on and wear it around the house a bit to get a feel for it. The winter is just SO long in WI that it's a lot to wait for.

I don't have anyone in my real life who knows/cares about Lulu so I SO appreciate you ladies and these blogs!