Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mesh Headwraps in Loot & More Pics


There are a few Mesh Headwraps in Loot right now for $9.00, a few dollars off their regular $12 price. For the US, there is only the white one, which I bought. For the Canadian side, there is what looks ike Snorkel or Bluebell blue, Persimmon or a carnation type color, lime or alfalfa and a very dark purple that could be lolo. If you like Mesh Headbands they don't really go on markdown much so this might be a good chance to pick one up for a little off. Speaking of headbands, has anyone seen the new Mesh headbands in Coal and Citron in the stores in the US? I've been looking for them but have not seen them. Luckily, my sister was vacationing in Banff so she picked me up the Coal but she's so bad at mailing things out. I'll probably get it at Christmas.

Photos of the new Dance Sweatpant (click on the photo to see a bigger version). I wouldn't mind seeing it one size up on her but shes got a great figure so tight pants still look good on her. The Revitalize singlet looks nice on her too. I think she might have sized down to get it to hug her figure a bit more.

Revitalize Singlet with the Ultra crop. This is the best photo I've seen yet of someone wearing the Revitalize Singlet. I think she sized down.

I wish I had a full length shot of this outfit, because the lolo Community Jacket and lolo Ultra crops look kind of cute together.

Commit Tank in lolo purple

The Senorita Commit is also arriving in stores

New Plaid Groovy Run Shorts

There hasn't been too much new stuff showing up on Facebook so I wonder what we'll see in the Thursday upload.


Luvlulu said...

What pants is she wearing with the Lolo Commit Tank? It looks like they are rockout pants because the band looks lower than the grooves.

Anonymous said...

funny, I was also thinking the lolo community jacket and lulu crops would look good together but now that I have seen it, it may be kind of boring in the all one colour....

Anonymous said...

local store (metrotown, bc) has received the fast in flight bag in lolo purple :)