Friday, August 27, 2010

Heathered Ivy and Gather and Crow Change

I think the Fireside Hoodie is totally grandma-ish but I'm posting this for the color - Heathered Ivy. Are we going to see some naturals at last? I just got a lolo Push UR Limits (oh my gosh is lolo a great color for dark brunettes with green eyes) but am thinking I might take it back to save space in my closet for some pretty green tanks. (Ok, I'm not going to take it back but might sell my Bubbilicious/Coal Push) I haven't seen tops in natural colors from Lululemon in three years since Anise, Ivory, Branch, Fox, and Teak were out. I. Cannot. Wait.

New Gather and Crow

 Boogie Crop

It looks like the Gather and Crow crops have been updated - they are now missing the string at the bottom. This makes them look a little (a lot) more like the Boogie crops. I like the Boogie crops but always thought they should be a little shorter and the opening a little tighter and less flappy. The new version of the Gather and Crows might solve this. I'll have to try them on. I had reported the Boogies were being discontinued back in June and being replaced with the Gather and Crow. It seems I was not misinformed.


Anonymous said...

:( I liked the gather and crow with the string ... At least how it looked. It really does not serve a purpose though.

Anonymous said...

I bought a pair of crops at a company called MoDot here in BC.

I am 5'3" and they come just below the knee, have adorable pleats on the front of the knee and the PERFECT split in the back. I bought them in grey and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I never stray from Lululemon, but I tried these on for fun and fell in love.

Pattybea said...

I love the gather and crow crop. Did not like the boogie. I liked the elastic for the way it pulled in the bottom of the crop, so I will have to try the new version but it is a disappointing change for me because I loved the colored elastic they were starting to use in the gather and crow.