Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exclusive Scoop!!! - New Online-Only Limited Edition Remix Hoodies Coming Soon

I just got some exciting news from a Lululemon insider. It looks like there will be a surprise online tomorrow for  Remix fans. Lululemon is coming out with a web-exclusive collection of Remixes that feature etched or embroidered designs on black and gray Remixes. They are called the Art Series Etched Hoodies. The hoodies were designed by a graphic artist on the design team and are available in limited quantities. I have a couple of photos to wet your appetite - they look pretty! Be sure to be online around 8 am for tomorrow's upload.

Here is a close up view:

And the close up view:

Some more pics:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the head's up!!! I haven't been this excited about something lulu in a very long time :)
YAY! I'm definitely a Remix fan and am happy to see them making more. These are really beautiful.

danadcbc said...

I'm a Remix fan too so this is exciting! I wonder if there will be other designs? The butterfly is pretty but the hood covers most of it. I'm always online for the upload so I'll watch for these.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see these! As a graphic designer, I love to see sketchy looking prints. Can someone give me an idea of how the remix fits? I'm somewhat new to Lulu and so far am only familiar with the defines and scubas.

Vicki said...

Look its Oli from West 4th and the the lab!

Anonymous said...

The expression is actually "whet your appetite", not "wet" your appetite.