Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebs in Lululemon - Ashely Tisdale, Janice Dickinson, Molly Sims





newtolulu said...

Wow - how old is Janice? She looks pretty good.
What are the pants Molly is wearing? And whatever they are, has anyone tried them?

Zanna said...

I think Janice is in her 50s. That looks like the Run With It crops. Love the length as I am short. The Empower crops are too long for me.

Anonymous said...

I think Janice is wearing the Run Zoom crop--and not sure about Molly. Maybe they are new because they have a citron waistband with the coal tiny stripe???

momof5 said...

Totally OT -- just got an email from Zobha and it seems all their new tanks for fall have cups included -- also they have some beautiful looking coats and tunics - their new tanks are pretty nice too -- Hope they have a 50% sale soon

Mel said...

@momof5: I saw that. But they have a pretty high price point for tanks and some of their jackets. More than lulu. I wonder if its worth the money. Probably after a 50% sale, it will be worth it.

LuluAddict said...

The coal pants Molly is wearing are the Run: Spirit tights. They were out last fall. A lot of people like them because they have a really high waistband.

Janice Dickinson is 55! Wow - she looks great.

@ Momof5 and Mel - I agree, Zobha is too expensive for what they have. However, their sales are pretty good, something like $25 for tanks. I recently bought the Marilyn tank during their clearance sale and like it. I also got their capris but I think the rise is a bit low for me. Their coats are nice but expensive. I haven't bought any of their coats yet.