Friday, July 2, 2010

Shopping Trip Report (Note - Stuff is being added to Loot on a continual basis today - keep checking!)

I went up to LA to see if I could find black Zoom Knee Shorts (the US side of the website has none) and to try them on since they are all un-returnable Loot now. I tried them on a few weeks ago but can't remember how they looked. I lucked out and the Santa Monica store had pretty much the full size and color range so I was able to get size 12 in both Black and the Coal. I also wanted to see if the Coal luxtreme would hide thigh imperfections as well as the black. I think I've come to the conclusion that the power luxtreme makes your legs look better than luon. I pretty much wear only my luxtreme crops to the gym these days, especially for spin class. I find them much cooler than luon. The luxtreme also don't pick up pet hair and lint or pill like luon does. I am psyched to wear these to spin class. I hope you guys are right when you say the coal doesn't show sweat too much. Now that I have these I am wondering if I should keep my Biker Groove shorts which are pretty much the same thing, except in luon.

The store also had Run: Zoom Singlets  marked down to $39. They had quite a size selection so I guess they didn't sell well. I wonder if these will moved over to the on-line loot. I was thinking about getting the Potion striped one but I went with the black. I'm not really one for the all-black ninja look but I love this tank. Also, I figured I could wear them with my new coal Zoom Knee shorts.

Other Markdowns: The Santa Monica store also had a few Power Ys in leftover colors - Savage Green stripe (now on the website) and lavender for $29. They had older colors in the Run: Swiftly tank for $29 and the tee shirt for $39 (tang light, antidote, silver - now on the website). They had quite a few pairs of running shorts marked down. I saw leftover Reverse Groove shorts for $34.

It seems like the website is being updated with Loot continually today to match what is in the stores. Keep checking it to see if what you want is being uploaded.

Dang, I am tempted to order the Silver Run: Swiftly tee but I've already spent enough for this week.  If it was $10 cheaper, I would. ;-)


Dori said...

Thank you for this post!!! Thanks to you I just got groove crops in static charcoal for $49. So excited!

Anonymous said...

Did you see any light up tanks in Santa Monica? I know they got them there

LuluAddict said...

I didn't really look at the new stuff, except to see what citron looked like. I was on the hunt for Zoom Knee shorts and cheap Swiftly tees plus the other bargains. I can tell from the photo the Light Up tank isn't going to work for me, so I didn't bother looking for it. I couldn't spent much time looking around and trying stuff on because I wanted to get back on the freeways as soon as I could since it was a holiday weekend. I'll check the tank out next time I'm in the stores.