Monday, July 26, 2010

Same Outfits Modeled by Different Sizes

Coal/ Citron Scoop Neck tank with Matching Inspire Crops on a size 10/12

Same outfit on a smaller size

I'm not a huge fan of the Citron Ombre Track and Field jacket but it looks really sharp paired with the matching Inspire crops. This is the same size 10/12 girl. I think the stripes are slimming on her.

I love this combo of the Alarming Push UR Limits with the Coal Scuba and coal pants.

The Commit tank definitely looks better on a bustier women. The constrasting lines around the breast just emphasize the lack of a bust on less-endowed women. Lucky for them, they have many more choices of more flattering tanks.

First real life pic of the coal static stripe Scoop Neck tank. If I find a better photo I'll post it.

Fouette tank on a size 10

Fouette with matching Reverse Groove shorts

Alarming Define on a size 10/12

Polocrosse pant in black denim - Has anyone tried these on?

Comparison of the old and new Run: Swiftly Racerback 

This outfit is so cute -  50 Rep bra with matching Speed shorts


Anonymous said...

I think that first pic - the clothes are too tight!! She looks like a size 12-14 - a little ct.. not cute.

LuluAddict said...

The Inspire crops only go up to a 10 so that is why I'm saying she is a 10. She could be a 12 on top. She looks fine in the other photos further down so she probably is a true 10/12. The Scoop Neck and Inspire crops are not the most flattering for her figure and it's a bad photo but I am glad she modeled them for us. Also, If you scroll through all the photos on this site, you'll see a lot of educators wearing too tight clothes whether they are 6s or 12s. This is particularly true in the luxtreme crops.

momof5 said...

So I am confused now -- do we not size down in the swiftly tank with the new design -- or do we still need to size down?

Does anyone know if the commit in the grey wee stripe pattern is light luon or luxtreme -- it doen't look like it has the sheen of the other commit colors?

RunningOnCoffee said...

wow, I guess the swiftly tank arm holes have improved! definitely didn't see it in earlier pictures with just the one tank on its own.

I agree, the striped jacket is slimming on that model! the vertical stripes may be better than the crazy vest stripe placement.

I agree w/anon, the first picture of the inspire crops is not so good; but they look better on her in a later picture.

You'd think that with ALL sizes available, someone would guide the educators to their correct sizes or how they want the items to fit people when they pose for these pictures.

LuluAddict said...

@momof5 - The commit in the coal static stripe is luxtreme. I have the Push UR Limits and Zoom Singlet in the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe and the luxtreme does feel different - less shiny and a bit thicker. It hides mid-section imperfections much better than the solid-colored luxtreme which is a consideration in the Commit tank because it is not as roomy in the mid-section as the Zoom Singlet or Push UR Limits.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the polo-crosse pants in blk denim. I'm not usually a fan of denim luon, but it really works well. As for the lines on these... If you're suspicious, you should give it a try. I've ridden horses for years, and these pants have the same lines as the pants on full-seat riding breeches. I'm a 6/8 in lulu with plenty of curves, and these are very slenderizing. I tried the gray/black but found them baggy in the 8. In the blk denim, the 8 was perfect as the denim is a bit less stretchy. Hope this helps. Try them, girls!

pilatesmom said...

Agree w/anon above: the polocrosse in denim are super flattering/stylish on. I'm not a fan of luon denim in general but the back panel is plain black luon so adds to the forgivingness in the fit and the contrast between the denim and black is enough to be interesting and noticable without being distracting (as is the case in he coal/black combo)