Monday, July 12, 2010

Real Life Pics of New Stuff - Push UR Limits, Wunder Grooves, Stride Jackets, Modern V Tee, SE CRBs

Static Coal Static Wave Stripe Push UR Limits & Matching Reverse Groove Coal Shorts

I don't know if I'm going to get this Push UR Limits but it makes a cute outfit with the matching Reverse Groove Shorts. There are also matching Wunder Groove Crops (so cute):

and matching Knock Out Shorts:

Push UR Limits in Static Dark Classic Sport Gray (?) and Black

 Not really liking the jacket with the tank

Static jacket with static tank and striped jacket with striped tank looks best

Biker Groove Short

SE Cool Racerback - The special part is the stitching. Too subtle for me. I like the contrast edging like on the other SE versions. Even better, the Circle Mesh SE version. L-O-V-E, LOVE that!

Stratus Wunder Unders with Static Charcoal or Static Classic Sport Gray (not sure which)

Wunder Under Static Coal Static Wave Stripe

Flashback Pullover

Modern V Neck - Black, Heathered Charcoal, Light Classic Sport Gray, Heathered Ash

I like this tee, but would prefer if it didn't have the seam down the back. It just seems weird to highlight that.

I have to apologize in advance if I get some of the colors wrong. I think some of the stores mislabeled their posts and then I had to guess at them. Heathered Charcoal, Static Charcoal, and Static Dark Classic Sport Gray are kind of similar. Dark Sport Gray, Light Classic Sport Gray, Heathered Ash, Heathered Clarity Gray are also similar. I'll correct anything I find wrong.


M said...

Realllly wanting to buy a CRB *SE with circle mesh, but want a color other than black or white! Wonder if they are selling well?

Zanna said...

Want some new colors and new stuff. So many shades of grey is not doing it for me. Dull stuff at the moment.

momof5 said...

Too grey -- rainy dayish -- where is the river rock and oasis and what about cool new stuff in the wish and pig!! I am curious if these new grey pants STILL show the sweat -- if they do -- its a definite pass for me -- that just skeeves me!!!

luvlulu said...

I want to try on the striped stride jacket to see what it looks like on. I am not a big fan of stripes in general. I also want to try ont he v-neck tee to see how it fits. When I first saw the savage green special edition CRB I thought it was a circle mesh one. I was so excited but then realized it was just luon light. I wore my circle mesh crb again today and love it. I hope they make in the newer colors too. I took into my local Lulu and all the girls loved it. The stores haven't received any. I'm not liking any of the greys. Maybe I'll finally take a break on spending for a while.

Anonymous said...

the lululemon la jolla FB page has a pic of the inner strength in River Rock/oasis and white/wee stripe...I saw them today in my store as well.

RunningOnCoffee said...

I want to get a black circle mesh CRB but I should wait til my next pay check :) Would be even better if they made it in more colors. Not available in my local store either.

Reverse groove coal shorts are cute...are they luxtreme?
Matching wunder under crops are really cute too, I haven't really paid much attention to the Wunder Unders before.

Push Ur Limits in static dark classic looks one size too small. Looks like a better fit on the model in the picture with the tank/jacket together.

I agree the SE CRB stitching is not cool enough for an extra $3.

Not loving the striped wunder unders.

Luna said...

urg, not so impressed with grey/ black. blah. :(
more colors please!