Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Jazz Headband and Other Lululemon Headwear

Jazz Headband

I am a major Lululemon headband addict - I have 24 and counting. I like to match my headbands to my tanks. One of my favorite headband styles is (was?) the Jazz Headband. It is a tapered headband that is 3" wide in the front and 1" in the back. It is made of luon. This style doesn't slip off my head when I lay back on the weight machines the way the Mesh headband does. I really like the Mesh headbands but lately they've been super wide, coming in at 4.5" in the front and look almost like a kerchief when on. I have older Mesh headbands that are an inch and a quarter narrower in the front and these stay in place much better. I wonder why the Mesh headbands are so wide these days. I really wish they'd go back to the narrower 3.25" version.  For those of you who wear the Mesh headband, do you like the really wide ones that have been coming out for the past year or so?

Headband hunting for a particular color used to be my excuse to make a trip to a Lululemon store. Colors and prints used to come out months (sometimes 12! months) after the matching tank or jacket so you'd constantly have to check the headband baskets to see if it showed up. Lululemon has gotten better at sending headbands with an initial introduction of a color or print but it's still hit or miss as to what style shows up at what store. Based on what I've bought off eBay I suspect the Canadian stores get a consistently wider selection of headband colors than we do in the US. Below is a photo of the Free Spirit headband that showed up on the website about two or so years ago but I don't think it ever came to the US.

 Free Spirit Headband - Never Showed Up in the US

My favorite headband styles are the Dance and the Mesh. I find the Slipless and the Pirouette too tight. I wear a Dance headband around the house a lot but for really sweaty activities like spin, I prefer something wider, like the Mesh or Jazz, to soak up perspiration. I see a lot of people in spin class just letting puddles form underneath them at class but I can't stand the feel of sweat rolling down my face and the Mesh does a great job of absorbing everything. 

I'd love to see Lululemon come out with a version of the Athleta triple headband:

Athleta Triple Headband

I wonder why Lululemon doesn't do a better job of stocking headbands on their website. It's an easy $9-12 add-on to an order. I think quite a few women like to grab a matching headband when they buy a tank in a new color/print.  For that matter, they should make matching Baseball and/or Flight Running bonnets for every seasonal color change. I see lots of women in the gym working out in a cap. I would love a Baseball cap in Wish Blue.

The cap just completes the whole outfit


pilatesmom said...

I was just thinking yesterday, as I put on my potion purple run baseball cap, that it should be a "staple" item, that comes out with each change in color palette.

Kristin said...

That Jazz headband is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to buying mesh headwraps. What I love about them is the width. Sometimes I prefer a headband to a hat when running, and I love that the headwrap covers most of my part (I'm not blessed with super-thick hair) - my hair stays out of my face and I don't get a sunburn. I wouldn't wear it for inside though. I do love my lulu baseball caps but have to say I wouldn't exercise in them - too big and heavy. They are super-cute though and I too wish they would come out in most or all of the colors.

Luna said...

I have short hair, so had never thought about wearing a headband, but if lulu's absorbs sweat and prevents from coming down on my face that well, maybe I want to try. thx for posting this topic :)

momof5 said...

Totally agree about more colors of headbands on the website --- I love the satin piroutte - and would buy one in every color if they had them online!!! My daughter loves them too --