Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pics- Iconic Wrap, Commit Tank & Cute Lucy Tanks

Iconic Wrap

Commit Tank

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This tank is so ordinary looking, stick an Adidas logo on it already. The All Out was a lot more unique. They should have just put a mesh insert into the bust of the All Out and left it alone. I can't imagine this working for a busty woman. If I find a picture of a more endowed woman wearing one, I'll post it.

All Out Tank

I was looking on the Lucy website to see if they had any wraps and found a couple of cute tanks. Here are the pics:

 Lucy Karma Racerback Tank

This is a sexy tank. Why can't lululemon play with the necklines and strap width a little more? The scoop necks and spaghetti strap tanks get a little dull after awhile.

Lucy Reflection Tank


pilatesmom said...

With all the pics I've seen, I'm liking the iconic wrap and will keep my eye out for it.

The cut of both those lucy tanks is very flattering in the picture (they look like they would be zobha tanks). I hardly ever go into lucy and hardly ever buy anything from them. So many times I've seen a tank that looks like a cute cut or have a really nice pattern or looked really nice online and without fail when I try it on I don't like the fit and/or feel.

momof5 said...

The Lucy tanks are cute -- but I agree with Pilates Mom -- the tanks rarely hold water compared to the lulu quality -- Besides IMO it is easy to make a black tank look "Nice" in a photo -- black hides many flaws -- how well it holds up to workouts and the washing machine is another question--
But i would love to see some different backs and strap design from lululemon --

I am not liking the commit -- besides the Luxtreme fabric --I agree -- it is just blah - I dont like how it makes the bust area look either -- the all out is a sexy tank IMO -- I am small chested and don't have the spilling out issue -- for me it is very flattering -- and i love the luon light

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Iconic Wraps in the States yet? I checked two stores in SoCal yesterday and they hadn't received them yet...

LuluAddict said...

I agree about Lucy - it looks nice in the photos but the fit, fabric, and quality are not nearly as good as Lululemon. I will say I like their apr├Ęs stuff, though. I just wish Lululemon would come out with some really different styles of tanks. Remember the Vinyasa, Cobra, and Repose? Lululemon seems to be stuck in a spaghetti strap / scoop neck mode lately.

Colorado Pilates Teacher said...

Hi ladies! Funny you should post about the Lucy Karma tank...I just ordered it the other day! I love the design, it looks so flattering, and I will let you know how the fit and quality stand up. I will return it if it's not quality. Looks can only go so far! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the commit tank--I am completely underwhelmed. I was excited about it when the hidden pages were found, but now I don't even know if I will try it on. Hopefully they have some great tanks in the works--I am looking forward to lolo purple but not in a power y, CRB or any of the other tanks out right now.

pilatesmom said...

OK, so I went to lulu today and got an alarming CRB (love alarming), the coal/citron scoopneck tank (lovely contrast), and coal run revitalize skirt which has a lovely drapeyness to it and looks very nice with the scoopneck. While there I went several doors down to Lucy to check out the tanks posted here. Two thumbs down in my book. The karma tank doesn't look nearly as cute on and has an icky cottony feel to it (i'd hate to sweat in it). The reflection tank is a "technical" fabric, but again felt icky to me. The fit was horrible on me - the "scoopneck" part of the rank was all wavy/loose rather than taught - granted I'm small busted but this was a size small WITH the cups in... no matter one's bust size it should be taught across the top. Took in a handful of other random stuff and didn't remotely like one thing. It all felt yucky and none of it was flattering. It has been a few months since I was last in there and it will be even more before I go in again I think.

Pattybea said...

I agree... the latest stuff is a big snooze...I have actually been doing a bit of retro lulu shopping on ebay lately, a lot more fun!!

OT, I bought a stride (a previous season color) on ebay and it turned out to be a fake. The seller is refunding my money as she says she bought it from another ebay seller and had no idea it was fake. The quality was over the top atrocious. Anyone familiar with the brand would have recognized it immediately.

I had thought that the only items being faked were grooves and remixes, guess that is not true anymore. Buyer beware is the lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

Can you buy Lucy stuff in Canada? No stores, but maybe order online?

Jade said...

@Anon 7:15 - Unfortunately, Lucy does not currently ship outside of the US.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I am a newfound Lulu fan and also a longtime Lucy fan. I bought that Karma tank and looooove it. I got several, in fact. Then in addition to the black I got a blue patterned one and a green patterned one. The colored ones are new. The blacks have held up well. But I can't wear them for yoga or barre; too cleavagy. I wear them out dancing, though, and I get danced with a lot when I have those on.
There have been Lucy fabrics I didn't like, like the horrid Vital pant. But I like this fabric. They're still on the site, for $20ish. Maybe they didn't sell well because of the cleavage or the reason cited by the commenter above.