Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Pics - Recharge Tank, Commit Tank, Run: Reflective Vest, Iconic Wrap, & More

Run: Recharge Tank

This is the tank that uses a new fabric - Silverescent Circle Mesh. I think I like this color combo the best of those I've seen so far. I wonder if it will come in a solid color. The Recharge looks like a cross between the Inspire and Sunrise. I am curious to try this on at the store. The styling is fairly blah but I'm hoping the fabric is super breathable. Although, now that I think about it, I'd like to see this modeled on a bustier woman. I'm thinking the horizontal line will hit me too high which was my issue with the Sunrise Tank. You wear your own bra underneath.

Inspire Tank

Sunrise Tank

Commit Tank, Run: Inspire Crops, and Run: Reflection Vest

Commit Tanks and Inspire Crops

Back of the Commit Tank

Inspire Crop

The Commit tank is definitely a re-working of the All Out tank except in luxtreme this time around instead of luon light. I might try it on but the attention-drawing detail around the bust made me sell my All Out, so I can't see getting this one.

The Inspire crops look nice enough. I'm not sure about the stripes of color at the bottom. They look like they are as lengthy as the Empower crops so I'm not liking these. I prefer my crops to end right below the knee.

Commit Tank Product Information:

*Moderate support, medium length
*Luxtreme fabric is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
*Semi-fitted, follows your curves but doesn't ride up during practice
*Carved mesh racerback allows full range in movement
*Mesh bra construction with built-in pockets for removable cups

Inspire Crop Product Information:
*Calf length, mid-rise crop that supports your muscles and reduces bounce
*Power luxtreme feels silky smooth and is light weight with high Lycra content, and inherent wicking
*Two pockets in the waistband in the front, one zipped pocket in the back!
*Drawcord, flat seamed for chafe resistance and comfort

 Run: Reflective Vest

 Another vest with a skinny racerback. I already picked up the Run: Like the Wind Vest on markdown for $19 so I'll pass on this one. Lots of reflective stripes so if you are active at night it might be a good (but surely pricey) choice.

Track and Field Jacket

OK, am I nuts or is this stripe pattern better than the citron version? I kind of like this in the photos. It might be too much in person but I don't mind this nearly as much as the yellow and gray version. However, they both remind me of awful upholstery patterns from the 70s.

New Push UR Limits Colors - love the Citron!

Speed Short in the Citron Coal Ombre Stripe

Close up of the newest Scoop Neck Tanks

Iconic Wrap

Iconic Wrap Info:
*Designed as a light layer: made with Pima Cotton, a superior durable blend that's breathable and soft
*Added Lycra fibre for shape retention
*Flat-seamed, preshrunk
* $88

Apparently, this is all one piece and there is a learning curve as to how to get into in and drape it. It looks cute in these photos but I'm not sure about the one piece thing.


pilatesmom said...

Each stripe pattern (citron and alarming) is as awful as the other. Yuck! I think the wrap looks pretty interesting. I wonder if it is a total pain to put on/take off/arrange.

momof5 said...

I think the wrap looks pretty cool -- I might have to try that one --

I know I am in the minority -- but I loved the All out -and this new commit version looks to me like it is elongating the bust area -- something about the way the lines look -- maybe it is just that picture -- I also like the luon light MUCH better than the luxtreme especially for tighter fitting tops -- way more forgiving --

I think the lines on that vest would be very distracting for a driver at night -- WOW! i little too much -

I also have to see the alarming stripe jacket in person -- it reminds of old pajama bottoms though -- I think my dad had a pair like that in the 70's

LuluAddict said...

I like my All Out a lot - it was very comfortable- when I first got it but it was so low cut I showed a lot of cleavage and that combined with the seams circling each breast just made it more attention-grabbing. After awhile I just wasn't comfortable wearing it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have a white all out tank and wear a white flow Y bra underneath and it is very supportive and dramatically reduces cleavage. Plus because the colors match it just looks like part of the tank! (I do this with my black one as well. One of my favorite "combos" to wear to aerobics.

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon - I did try layering a Flow Y under the All Out but since the bottom of the Flow Y elastic is rather bulky and the All Out bra elastic is attached to the inside of the tank it would slide up over my Flow Y and sit at the wrong part of my chest - the bottom band on the outside of the All Out was half way up my chest. Wearing the thinner Sattvic bra worked much better underneath the All Out tank but didn't cover my cleavage up at all.

Luvlulu said...

I was up in San Francisco today and went to the Cow Hollow store. My husband was with me so it was one of those quick in/quick out stops. I got to see the Commit tank. I thought I wanted it in Oasis but hated it when I saw the two black horizontal lines across the chest. I can cross that one off my list. I did see the new push ur limits colors (I don't own one of these yet) and I think next week I will go to my local store and try it on in oasis and citron. I also got to see the new colors of the scuba hoodies: the citron pencil sketch & lolo purple distressed. They were nice but I'm still holding out for solid Lolo purple. The Fouette tank looks great for street wear as you mentioned. They also had another Scoopneck tank in white w/grey trim. I didn't notice if it was wee stripe or the new wave stripe but I didn't want white. My husband pointed it out (we have such different tastes) but I was glad he did. They also had the Dance Crops which have a tie on the bottom. I will try those on next week too. At least I got to see some of it in person even though I didn't have time to try them on.

RunningOnCoffee said...

wow, so much in this post!

I don't get the pattern on the back of the Recharge tank (why don't those curved lines finish and go all the way to the edge of the fabric? it's a weird look, but I will still probably try it on, hoping the straps will be a little shorter than the pep tank.

I'd like to see either of those two new tanks on someone with a larger chest to know how well it contains you.

i like the citron stripe pattern better than alarming stripe, but I still don't love it. I wish I did though, I really like the lines of reflective material. Not going to need reflective material for a while... At 9:30pm EST it is still 90 degrees out.