Friday, July 23, 2010

More Pics of New Stuff

Citron Define and new Speed Shorts - Ok, the shorts don't look too bad in the striped material. 

Fouette Tank Up Close

Run: Reflection Skirt - Field Hockey Stick Extra

Sorry, this skirt reminds me of the skirts the Field Hockey team wore at my high school. I'm flashing back to bad memories of gym class and bruised shins.


Anonymous said...

The citron Define is gorgeous.

pilatesmom said...

the striped pattern looks like grandpa's pjs.

M said...

Not diggin' the reflection skirt!

But that citron Define is too pretty :)

RunningOnCoffee said...

I agree the shorts don't look as bad as the vest. I'm glad someone posted a picture where the flash went off so you can actually see what's reflective!

I'm back to thinking that skirt is not as cute when on a person. I didn't expect it to be so loose in the bum...i thought it would be flatter across the back side but with some pleats thrown in. it does look like a field hockey or lacrosse skirt!

Colorado Pilates Teacher said...

Hi! Love your blog! Does anyone know about the fit of the Fouette tank? Would you say it's pretty true to size? Thanks so much. I live far from a store and so much rely on online purchasing.

Erin said...

Colorado Pilates Teacher: The fouette fits pretty big in my opinion. I normally wear a 10 in Lulu tanks, and I downsized to an 8 in the fouette, and it is still pretty loose in the tummy area, but fits good in the bust (I'm a 36C). I wish I had tried on a 6 to see if I could have pulled it off, but I had my kids with me and they were not being patient!

Colorado Pilates Teacher said...

Dear Erin,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question, so sweet of you!!! This is really helpful, thanks. It sounds like the Fouette style is similar to the Bliss Tank (?)...tighter in the chest and looser and more "flowy" through the middle? Anyway, I'll order it when it comes online. Or maybe call the stores. I love the look of the Fouette! Take care!!!