Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Pics of the Latest Stuff

Alarming Scuba Hoodie. I'm hearing good things about the black one - it's softer and more giving than the other colors. I might try and hit a store tomorrow to see if it's in Southern California. I know my local stores got the Wear With Alls and the Fireside jacket and pants. You'd think they'd have the Scuba, too.

Fireside pant - Too bad they didn't make the leg wider at the bottom

Everyday Yoga Jacket

Entire Fireside outfit - Jacket and pants - just not that flattering IMO

I'm curious to see the Cross Train pullover on a more busty figure. If I find a photo I'll post it.

 Latest Wear With Alls

If you look on the wall you can see the citron hood to the charcoal WWA - it almost makes me want to get this one. The girl on the right is also wearing the charcoal one.

Shows the dip die inside of the Savasana


pilatesmom said...

the citron dipdyehood is on the charcoal grey wwa (the black wwa is all plain black). kind of hard to tell in the pic, but it is heathered charcoal. the hood contrast is really stunning (got it yesterday).

Also, I have a colorblock scuba and got the black scuba as well - the black seems exactly the same to me despite some other people saying they think the black is softer/more forgiving. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I was at the Metrotown, BC store last night and they're expecting oasis, alarming and citron still in Aug and then lolo purple, senorita pink and river rock starting to arrive in September.

LuluAddict said...

@ pilatesmom - thanks for the correction. People are saying the black is a little looser in the bicep area than some of the others - do you agree?

Thanks for the shipping info - anon

pilatesmom said...

I didn't notice any difference in fit or feel between the colorblock scuba and the black scuba.

Anonymous said...

the new WWA still looks boring even with the dipdyehood....where are some colours??? The dipdye savasana looks the same as one I got over a year ago (black with light grey lining). What is the sense in having dipdye inside where noone can see it unless you use it for wings when you try to fly!

Pattybea said...

The coal pencil sketch WWA is pretty cute and interesting...