Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lululemon, Cycling, Golf, and Men

I guess I should read the Lululemon blog more. I had read a blurb on Facebook a day or so ago about someone seeing a Lululemon logo on Team Saxo Bank but that didn't really register with me until my husband started watching the Tour de France yesterday. Anyway, Lululemon is a sponsor of the team and it seemed kind of puzzling to me why they would spend the big bucks to sponsor this team. The prominent right butt cheek position of the logo - perfect to always be in the sights of  the camera chase cars - has to be expensive. The reasons the blog give don't really ring true - cyclists cross train and lululemon makes great gym clothes and to bring yoga to cyclists. They should just own up and say they want to be associated with a sport that has an upper class following. It also doesn't hurt that (road) cycling has a certain European allure which also appeals to the upper class.

Also, maybe Lululemon is trying to get into cycling clothes. A little googling discovered they also sponsor a women's Wells Fargo cycling team. I dunno, so far their initial offering of clothes, the Light Up tank and Light Up jersey are underwhelming. The tank looks a bit low cut so you will flash lots of cleavage when on the bike and the jersey is available in rather dull color schemes. The shorts may be nice but I'd have to see them in person and check out the chamois, seaming, and leg band before I could comment knowledgeably. I have to say Lululemon's recent quality problems with seams coming unraveled and bleeding dyes would make me think twice about plunking down $80 or so dollars for a pair of bike shorts from a company that has no history of making cycling clothes.

Anyway, since I like European things and once dabbled in the elitist sport of road cycling, I kind of like the idea of Lululemon's sponsorship of a major cycling team.

Lululemon also seems to be making in-roads on men's golf, another upscale sport. They had photos of a a pro-golfer, Ryan Moore, wearing a Lululemon Golf Tech tee and Kahuna pants:

My husband's ears perked up (for a change, he's just not a fan of lululemon for men) when I told him about a golfer wearing lululemon in a major tournament. I went immediately to the luluemon page to show him the golf shirts. I then came up with this photo of the Golf Tech shirt:
My husband then commented he wasn't keen on a shirt that would showcase his nipples. Unfortunately, this model has rather prominent nipples and they show up in most every shirt:

I think Luluemon should find a different model, or at least apply a little photoshop to retouch the nipples out of the photo. It's just not an appealing look.


Kat said...

LOL at the nipples.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just a comment- Ryan Moore is known for NOT taking sponsorship deals. He doesn't wear what he's paid to wear, he wears non-descript clothing, and wears what he likes, not what he's paid to wear :)

ChiRunner said...

Actually, I'm glad they didn't photoshop out the nipples, because it presents the most accurate representation of the men's shirts. I can get my husband to wear Lulu shorts and pants, but he always rejects the tops for this very reason - they are too thin and leave him feeling sort of exposed. The thinner fabrics are fine for women - even a selling point - but we have the benefit of an added layer with a sports bra and/or cups. Men just have the single layer, so men's shirts need to be a tad thicker - I think more men would wear them if they were.

LuluAddict said...

Good point ChiRunner.

Anonymous said...

My bf loves the metal vent tech. Funny his nipples don't show in that shirt! It's very light weight and great for sweaty men to work out in. Btw I saw that cycling jersey you posted in the Santa Monica store a while back and was wondering why they had it. Haha. Now I know! They were there briefly so I wonder how many they sold. They were $$$.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - I think the model lululemon uses has more prominent nipples compared to most men. My husband has some rather thin Under Amour shirts and his nips never show.