Thursday, July 8, 2010

Light Up Jersey and Shorts on a Bike

This photo gvies you an idea of what you'd look like wearing your new Light Up Jersey and Shorts on a bike.

The Hills Pullover on the left was out last fall. It looks like Lululemon is recycling the gray stripes idea.


Anonymous said...

Lulu Addict, I have a question about the Run: Zoom Crop. I just got mine and was wondering if you know how to tell if it's the right size. I know luon gets shiny if it's too tight. What does this material do? Mine are a shiny when I wear them. Also I realized that when I bend over the butt area stretches and becomes see through - do yours do that? I'm currently between sizes so I bought the smaller one, but I may end up saving it for a few months until it fits better. But it is so comfortable on!

LuluAddict said...

It sounds like they might be too tight. The luxtreme gets shiny also when it's too tight. If you push the fabric together you'll see it becomes more matte looking. The luxtreme bottoms usually fit very snug. Lululemon has a fit and function for running bottoms here: <==The crops are really snug on this woman but look good.

These Passion crops look a bit shiny here and also, too tight because of the creases on the back of her thighs and knees:!/photo.php?pid=2876731&id=33693527731&fbid=179927882731

I wouldn't mind seeing her in the 6 for a comparison. However, I think some people buy them snug because they fall down as they run.

mollywaffles said...

I guess it's good that there's a fair amount of side visibility too (i.e. if you're riding through an intersection and a driver doesn't see you because you're not another car).

Speaking of Zoom Crops...if anyone has a pair in 6 I'd love to take them off your hands :) I'm sorry I missed out on them. The Run: With it Crops didn't do it for me when I tried them on and the Run:Zoom Knee Shorts are out of my size in loot.

Anonymous said...

that second link you posted - the educator might be a size 4 up top, but definitely not a 4 bottom!! they are so tight you can see her underwear line! how embarrassing.. i remember when they first posted that album and people ripped her apart. lol. poor girl. lulu should not have posted pics like that though, it does not help selling their clothes.

LuluAddict said...

@ mollywaffles - What didn't you like about the Run: With It crops?

I got my Zoom crops but haven't worn them yet. They remind me a lot of the Run: Team Spirit Crop except the seams are placed slightly different. They also have a cool mesh panel behind the knee and the back rise is about an inch higher so they don't fall down my butt as much. However, I think I prefer my Passion crops because of the ribbed cuff at the bottom, similar to the Run: With It crop. I haven't tried on the Run: with it crops yet, though.

mollywaffles said...

I liked the pleating down the side of those crops, similar to my Run:Spirit Tights.

I guess I should say I didn't like the Run: With it Crops in coal/angel blue. Felt like they showed more in the bum area than my above mentioned Spirit Tights (also luxtreme, but maybe they were a little thicker?) They were comfortable on and they fit nicely in the waist, and length-wise... but at $86, I was thinking I'd order the Run: Zoom Knee Short for $49 when I got home from my store. Especially since I've spent more than I usually do on Lulu in the past month or so. However when I got home, the Zoom Knee Short was sold out in my size. $86 just sounds like a lot for one item right now after being spoiled by some loot.

Anyway, I probably would buy the Run: With It Crop if it goes below $86, but in one of the blacks, or maybe the coal with the distracting wee stripe lines.

LuluAddict said...

I like the pleating, too. It's weird, my Coal Zoom Knee shorts seem to fit looser than my black ones. It could be the luxtreme is a bit different in coal. I know the luxtreme feel a bit thinner in my black Team Spirit crops than the Zoom crops.

I've gotten store product alerts this week for black Zoom crops. I wonder if they are priced at $86 or $49. I suspect $86. I had a very hard time finding Zoom crops in the stores when they first came out. My local stores seemed to get the shorts but not the crops until this past week.

Maybe there'll be more deals in the future for luxtreme bottoms. I know I paid $69 for the Team Spirit crops on markdown a few months ago and $49 now for the Zooms is just awesome. I've seen quite a few Empower crops pop up on the markdown rack, usually in a coal.