Friday, July 9, 2010

Black Biker Groove Short Just Added to US Loot for $39

The solid black Biker Groove short just got added to the US side of loot for $39. This is only $9 off the full price of $48 so not a great bargain but solid black bottoms rarely go (or used to rarely go) on markdown. For some reason, the Canadian side of Loot has had these shorts since the big upload day but we just got them today.

I have a pair of these and my initial fit review is here. The black version is reversible to either the double band, like in the photo, or a single wide band. They also have a waistband pocket like all Groove pants and shorts. I like mine and have used them for spin. They stay in place well. I also like to use the Biker Grooves for walking the hills around my home.

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Luna said...

Electric Orange CRB I ordered online last Thurs was finally delivered in NJ today..! Love the bright color. My skin is tanned now, so goes well with it.

Today I got Run Speed shorts in GRYC for $39 at the local store. Very happy. Also got Flow Y bra in Pig Pink.

I saw Power Y in Pig Pink/Gray, Citron/Gray, Cool/Gray. Very cute. tried on I Just Wanna Run in Wish Blue, but wasn't my style, so passed it. No Limit tanks are there but wasn't crazy about any of the colors, so didn't even try on.
Run shorts in new color such as Citron are there.
No Light Up stuff in my local store yet. Can't remember what else I saw :)

I wish my local store sends out more accurate product notification.. I get an email once a week, but for some reason, it lists only a few of new products they receive.