Friday, June 25, 2010

What is Lingering in Loot

(My comments are in related to the US side of the website) There are some really attractively priced items in Loot. It's interesting to see what is not selling. Lots of Seek the Peak Black and White jackets left, even at a bargain price of $39.

Plenty of Run: With It jackets even at a great deal at $29. I think a lot of people can't figure out how to wear it attractively. Sizing down might help it's boxiness but then you run into a length issue.

People are just do not like the mesh back, short length, and boxiness of the Get Started jacket. Maybe they are also hesitant to buy a jacket made of luon light. It's not a bad deal at $49 but it'll have to be lower to get me to bite. It's been lingering at the stores at the price, too.

On the other hand, the Half Moon jackets are selling pretty well, particularly the coal with angel version at $39.

The Half Moon jacket is the cutest of them all and the most figure-flattering. The only problem is that it's pretty short and it fits very snug. If you want to fit more than a tank under it you have to size up. I wonder why they decided to put these on loot so quickly. They hardly gave them a chance in the stores. Maybe they have a lot of fall jackets in the pipeline. Or maybe they got feedback people don't like racing stripes in their Lululemon workout wear. Perhaps people have grown tired of the Shape jacket and the Half Moon is just a Shape jacket with a hood.

It's interesting the Flashback jackets and Stow N Go jackets didn't show up in loot today since those are all on sale at the stores, too. I took the tags off my Stow N Go today to wear to Disneyland and the $78 initial release price was a re-pricing. The original price the tag was printed up at under the $78 sticker was $128! Insane!


Anonymous said...

I have quite a few friends who have the Get Started Jackets. They actually like the airiness of the mesh in back. When paired with a tank or even a sports bra after hot yoga, it's protective, modest, but still allows good ventilation. It's gorgeous in Angel.

I kept looking over the short sleeved jacket. The price is appealing, but, you're right, how do you wear it? What do you wear it with? I don't run so I don't have that as a motivator to buy it. If it was a longer length, I think folks would have bought it up quick. Alas, LLL is using short waisted models for their clothing measurements, again.

I'm excited for the Devi Jacket. I need a Spring/Autumn jacket and this may just fit the bill. And, at $39, that's competitive with Nike and such for their windbreakers and light jackets.

few823 said...

I tried on the get it started jacket from the sale rack at my store - I actually really liked it, but instead I picked up a seek the peak. At the time it seemed like a "better deal" -- even though looking back it was only $10 cheaper. Funny how that works out. I wouldn't mind getting a coal wee stripe one if they come down some more.

I really wanted a Half Moon - but in the past month I've bought two strides, a define, and then the STP. So I resisted.

I also bought the vita tank at my local store - and LOVE it. Probably won't wear to run, but maybe cycle, or even just around on the weekends running errands. Fits tight, but more in a sucking in tight way than a clingy tight way. I wanted to like the ribbed tank, because at $19 it seemed like it would be comfy or good for those days I just don't feel like coordinating a gym outfit - but the 8 was schlumpy on me, and the 6 was tight in my tummy area. It was soft and comfy though - little on thick side of a summer tank.

Last night I also broke down and bought the short sleeve jacket. I have the same questions about what to wear it with etc - I mainly got it because it's so hot in DC right now and I thought I'd toss it on over my tank for some coverage without added heat for my after gym errands/drive home. I'm sure it will look silly - but apparently looking silly in lulu is okay with me :)

I'm eyeing the mynah tank, but based on all the other deals, i don't want to spend $39 on a tank, when I could get a jacket. again, funny how that works out. Maybe if it comes down another $10. Does anyone have it or tried it on?

momof5 said...

I also got the devi for the same reason -- great price for light windbreaker/raincoat -- and I think it looks really adorable on real life pictures as opposed to the model -- I hope it looks cute on me too!!!! LOL!
I also grabbed a vita tank based on pilatesmoms review of it -- at 29--its a steal even for pjs or around the house -- also grabbed a pair of the half moon crops - i have so much savage that I figured what the heck --
I am also contemplating the Get started in angel -- i think it looks like it could be pretty -I like the back too -- I wish there were some real life photos of that one around!!

Kristin said...

I too was temmpted by the run with it jacket to wear for coverage after hot yoga, but decided I could use a t-shirt for that and then I'd have a shirt I'd wear for other things too rather than a jacket I might potentially feel weird in otherwise.

The half moon is tempting (esp since I just got my first CRB in angel) but I love my define so much. I think the half moon is too short for my preferences and I'd be tugging on it all the time.

Last week I got a power y in oasis and the color is fabulous. I am new to LLL and wish I could get more in this color.

momof5 said...

Hey -- did anyone else pick up on this -- I am looking at the mynah tank in loot -- and the potion has the cross back non adjustable non removable straps -- while the angel has adjustable removable straps ---HMMM... so i read some comments and one of the reviews asked -- My question is: the product description says it has adjustable straps, but I can't figure out how they work. Neither could the girls at my local lulu store. Any insight on how the straps adjust on this tank? -- and the GEC response was -- The "adjustable straps" is a misprint for the Mynah Tank. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll address it A.S.A.P :) --

Weird right -- I personally think it is better with the adjustable removable straps -- I wonder if there was a quality issue with the plastic that they revised the top --

ChiRunner said...

@momof5 - I have the Mynah Tank in black and the straps are definitely not adjustable (though it would be nice if they did). They just cross in the back like in the photo of the Potion version. Odd. In the photo of the Angel version it doesn't look like the straps are entirely removable, but it does look like you can unhook them on the back, and rehook them in the crossed position if you want.

Anonymous said...

I am a runner and I can't imagine running in the With It jacket. It's just a strange jacket.

pilatesmom said...

Help me decide:
Get it started jacket in angel or passion? I have the free2b in passion and love it. I have the define, half moon and free2b in angel (so perhaps already more than enough in angel?) but I have more pieces to coordinate in angel. I really like both colors but I love angel more. Please weigh in.

As far as lingering loot goes, I ordered the devi in sidewalk this morning. I've never been a huge fan of it but at that price it will be good to have something "windbreaker-ish".

Also was not a huge fan of the get it started - never tempted to purchase at full price - but realized I would have jumped on it at $39 and $49 is no real difference (psychology, you know?)

houndlvr67 said...

I'm not buying any of it, save for the Stow N Go if it goes on sale. I wouldn't pay full price for it...that means I don't like it enough to buy it on sale. It all comes from a very "erratic" period of design from Lulu. $39 is still $39 and I'm not wasting it on this stuff.

LuluAddict said...

If the Get Started came down to $29 I might buy it in Coal or the Heathered Wee Coal Stripe because I am looking for jackets in those colors. I'll post some real life photos of that and the Get Started Jacket.

Anonymous said...

Amen houndlvr67! Yes there are some 'good deals' (ie. prices reduced from insanely high to reasonable), but if I wasn't interested at all in something for full price, that means I don't love it and should just save the $39 or whatever to put towards something I do love.

Luvlulu said...

@pilatesmom - I think you should get the Get it started jacket in passion. I think you have enough jackets in angel. I didn't get any jackets in passion and have many tanks. I wish I would have bought the free 2be in passion but didn't decide quick enough. I just got the passion flashback on markdown at my store for $59. It must have been a return because they hadn't had any for a long time. I am not a huge fan of the stripes on the flashback jacket but since have 4 free 2be's I guess it's good to change it up. Now I have a passion flashback & angel flashback bought for $59 each.

Anonymous said...

I have the Get It Started jacket in black -- it's great, but I saw the angel afterwords and I wish I bought in that color because it really is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I bought the seek the peek in the coal checked pattern & it really is sooo cute on, got a ton of complements wearing was one of those big surprise jackets once you put it on. I ordered the devi jacket, didn't care for it on the hanger but looked pretty cute at 39.00 in the senorita the sinched back.....hopefully it will be cute on. A friend came over in the get started jacket, & once again, a jacket that didn't look appealing in the store, but looked great on her, so bought it in black & have heard from many that it can be dressed up or down. Lastly, I bought the run with it jacket, a steal at 29.00!! & it looks VERY cute on with a tank, t-shirt, etc....really it does!!! I was skeptical as well & tried it on in the store & it will be a great little jacket that looks sweet with grooves, jeans, the warmer weather. I am a runner & won't run in it, but use it for street hoping for GREAT fall jackets, like a new style of the over the top, wwa, gather together, gratitude wrap.....LOVE my lulu jackets!!

Becky said...

I was at the Halifax lulu today, and was thrilled with the markdowns. I got my black Stow N Go (Black) for $29, Ribbed Tank (Charcoal) for $19, and the Run: Swiftly Tank (Bold Blue) for $29. I was very pleased with the prices, I felt they were comparable to what others are paying across the country, both US and Canada. :)

momof5 said...

@lulu -Akk-- i thought your comment was get started is 29 not if it is -- and I zoomed to the site, spilling my morning coffee -- and was like huh, still 49? -- I guess i do like it -- LOL!

livi said...

@Becky - *gasp* bold blue swiftly rb for $29?? lucky you! i have been searching for swiftlys in bold blue but alas, no more left at my local stores :(

Becky said...

I was lucky, they just put a bunch of the bold blue out while I was there, I picked up two swiftly tanks for my friend too (lagoon and tang). I called her as soon as they came out, and she said "grab them!!". She was pretty happy too. :)