Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pics - Shanti Crops, Flashback Jacket

Photo of the new Shanti crop. I read that they are made of Beechlu and are fairly thin. I love lightweight, wide-legged cotton crops like these for summer so I am going to have to try these on.  The crops are paired with the Halter Hoodie which doesn't look that great in this photo. I have seen it look cuter in other photos, though.

Dark Classic Sports Gray Flashback Jacket with Frisby Accent

Wear With All - Frisby

I love my Wear With All but I prefer it in neutral colors. These are my two favorite colors it came in:


Heathered Charcoal - I love the contrasting bands at the cuffs and bottoms. I hope this color comes back in the fall.

Potion Push UR Limits - This is a tank that works well for bustier women

Press Tech Men's Shirt
I don't usually post the men's stuff but I like the striping scheme on this shirt.


pilatesmom said...

I think the deal with the halter hoodie is that it looks dorky with short sleeves under it and much cuter with a sports bra or tank under it.

momof5 said...

i agree --- I wish the stores wouldn't post such unflattering pictures of the clothes -- i have seen it with a tank and it does looks cute --

the shanti crops remind me of the pranothana's without the odd underwear top r stripe-- i have heard of some piling issues with the beechlu --has anybody purchased something with this fabric?

ChiRunner said...

I have a couple of wraps in the Beechlu. I love the fabric, but it does pill over time. I've worn the hell out of those wraps though ... and the pilling didn't happen right away, just over time (and really isn't super noticeable - more of a fuzziness).

And I kind of like the halter hoodie with a short sleeve top underneath. But I'm a dork :) I think that outfit would have be greatly improved if she had paired it with the Shanti Crops in black instead of the lighter color.

Anonymous said...

how much are the shanti crops?

LuluAddict said...

The Pulse Wrap is made of Beechlu. My heathered charcoal Pulse Wrap has not aged well and I haven't even washed it that much. I guess I'll look out for the Shanti crop on the markdown rack.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the Wear With All? I called the GEC today for the US and no dice....Thx.

Zanna said...

Anon : 8.28 pm - I heard that they have been released in selected stores in Canada.

CJRun said...

I don't really like the Flashback Jacket in any color but that heathered charcoal. YUMMMMY.

Is that jacket TT Remix S?

CJRun said...

Scratch that- Dark Classic Sports Gray color. (I can read, I promise!).

Kim said...

@Anonymous - they released the WWA in Clarity Grey, Frisbee, and Pig Pink early this week in some Canadian stores - it's not online yet. Not a huge fan of those colours, either...clarity grey is okay, I guess, but too light a grey for me.

The halter hoodie is growing on me for sure! Does anyone have one yet?