Monday, June 14, 2010

Pics of New Stuff & Colors - Knotty Tank, SE Cool Racerback, Modern Racer Dress, & More

Knotty Tank - $58

I kind of like this tank, except I wished it opened at a lower spot in the back. I'm not sure about the girl in the middle whether the wind caught hers or it opened up a lot because of her rear. If it's her rear, then this top won't work on me. I wonder if you could tack it closed at a lower spot but then you'd probably rip it when you sat down. I'll have to try this on anyway, I love tops that have knotted straps in the back.

Modern Racer Dress

This dress is cute if you have the body for it, otherwise, it will do you no favors.

Cool Racerback Special Edition - What's so special you ask?...

Stitching -  yippee

Lulu Crops in Potion and Savage - I am liking the Potion

Lulu Pant II in Potion and Classic Sport Gray/Frisby - I like the gray

Swiftly Tech Tees in Angel and Savage

Current colors of Namaste Coverup

Vita Tanks in New Colors

Classic Pullover at the Lululemon Lab - Hearing great things about this top


momof5 said...

Im not feeling the knotted tank -- it just looks like maternity wear to me-- not flattering IMO --

The modern dress looks cute -- make a nice cover up for the beach --

like the savage swiflty most of all!

Anonymous said...

why are they wasting all the nice pima material on ugy a$$ stuff?

pilatesmom said...

Tried on the knotted tank today - didn't do anything for me. If you have middle parts to hide it might be helpful. If not, it just makes you look bigger in my opinion.

Modern dress looks cute. Heart savage : )

Can't really see the detail on the SE CRB -- contrast topstitching? what color is the contrast stitching?

Purchased a 2-in-1 dress on steep discount. Although it looked like a sac in the photo, it is pretty cute on - probably because the pima hangs and flows so nicely.

Walked out of the store today with two swiftly short sleeve tops at $29 a pop. Silver with potion trim and tang light (which looks pretty sherbet-ish in the swiftly fabric) - although I wouldn't have purchased either of these colors at full price they are great tops to have a the sale price. I'll be getting both the savage and potion when they hit online or my store.

Debbie said...

wow, that knotted tank looks so "hard to wear" (I'm being polite...). Everything looks unappealing to me except the swiftly tees - great colors! And that Vita tank looks great on all three models but don't look work-out friendly.

LuluAddict said...

@ pilatesmom - You got the Silver Swiftly short sleeve tee for $29? What a deal!!!! I've seen the tanks marked down to $29 but not the tees. I am totally jealous.

pilatesmom said...

@luluaddict: yea, i was pretty happy with the prices for the short sleeve swiftlys.

FYI: cheap version of the old-school pullover look: gap's boyfriend pullover. Its no lulu but if you're just going for that general look...

Kate said...

If an Etsy seller had made and sold that knotted tank, it'd likely be on Regretsy in a couple days.

Other than that, not much here I'm crazy about, and not much that you couldn't find elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The girl at coq center had the knotted tank tied at the back which brings the front closer to the body and it looks really good that way. I nought the angel blue one and I don't think I will wear it wide open, only knotted

LuluAddict said...

If you click on the SE picture, it'll bring up a bigger photo. I think the contrast stitching is lavender, lime or tang light, and angel or coal. I can't quite tell from the photo and I haven't seen it in real life.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the New swiftly SS shirts... I have been waiting for those colors to come out. I am also super Jealous that you got those 2 at 29$!!! I really wouldnt care about the color for that price!!
Not crazy about the Knotted tank..nor would I pay the extra money for the CRB with the stitching..
Love this Blog by the way.. check it everyday.. twice a day ( just in case!! )

pilatesmom said...

@anon: I also tried tying the knotted tank in the back. but the knot sticks out like a bustle.

Luvlulu said...

I hope the Lulu pants II come to the US or on the US side of the website. I have two in black and love them but can't get any other colors because they only have inventory in Canada. I can't wait to get the Run: Swiftly SS in potion purple.