Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pic - Double Back Tank

I kind of like the look of the Double Backed Tank, although not in this color. I wonder if there is a bra you could wear without it showing in the back. This tank would make an good cover up for the beach or pool.

Boogie On Short

Gather Short

I have three pairs of Boogie On shorts although they are all the tall version which are a couple of inches longer than Reverse Groove shorts. I love them because they are made of a lighter version of luon. You can still find some of the Tall Boogie Ons in the stores. I just saw some this weekend.

The Gather short is interesting. It's the same girl in both photos but her butt and legs look so much thinner in the Boogie On photo. I think part of it is the angle the photo was taken but the wide waistband of the Gather kind of cuts her in half. I wonder if the Gather Shorts look better from the back because the profile view is not nearly as flattering as the Boogie On.


momof5 said...

THanks for the info on the boogie short -- i love them but they are too short for working out -- and i love the reverse grooves but wish they were a smidge longer!!!

I wonder how the double back looks sized down -- i think the modern is so much more flattering sized down to a fitted look and am curious for this one --this could be adorable!

Luvlulu said...

@Luluaddict -You mentioned in a previous post that you wished the No Limit would have been released in black on black. I just checked Saskatoon's FB page and that is one of the colors it's available in. I only got to the passion last time so I am getting the all black when these hit my local store.

mollywaffles said...

I agree the boogie on profile is much more flattering. Not sure about that tank. Is it supposed to work with either kind of sports bra? (racer back or straight straps?) If that's what they're going for, Merrell has a better version that I saw online called the Revel
(I assume that's what all the funny business in the back is about).

Anonymous said...

Is that a lime Flow Y bra in the first pic under the tank? I wish they'd upload some new colors. Even prints would be awesome. What other colors of Flow Y's are out in the stores now?

pilatesmom said...

FUI: Ordered the savage CRB through US GEC.

pilatesmom said...

oop: above i meant FYI not (FUI - sounds like I"m swearing or something)