Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Pics - Sunblocker Pullover, Twisted Dress, Tencel Hot Short, Twisted Shoulder Tee

Here is a better photo of the Sunblocker Pullover showing the front snaps.

Angel Blue Twisted Dress

Twisted Tee - do you have to twist the arms yourself or are they permanently that way? It's hard to tell from the photos.

Tencel Hot Short

Gather Dance Strap Tank in Potion

Run: With It Jacket - Looks nice in this photo paired with a white long sleeve shirt and the gray Zoom shorts


Anonymous said...

those shorts are a HOT mess! The dress: are all the straps we see in the photo (back view) all the dress or is there a bra in that photo as well? The twisted tee is weird...

houndlvr67 said...

Great...more cap sleeves on the tee. That has to be the most unattractive length sleeve on most women...even those with toned arms.
I think the jacket still looks like a box-too square, too short, just weird. The plaid doesn't even distract the eye from the shape.

pilatesmom said...

@houndlvr67: totally agree with you on the horrible look of the jacket - especially cap sleeves - they are sooooooo unflattering on the arms.

Breianna said...

I actually love the look of those hot shorts with the tank. It looks like a nice cool summer outfit to work out in and just hang out. By the way, I absolutely love your blog.

Kristin said...

The twisted shoulder tee reminds me of Flashdance. Get that girl a welding torch!

momof5 said...

I am curious about the dress too--is it reversible with an attached bra? its so hard to tell from the pics -- it looks kinda cute if it is

i agree the lav/lime combo is nice -- i just don't like the grey to sweat in!!! too self conscious about the sweat marks --

this women at my gym this morning was wearing brown crops with a lav top -- totally cute -- til spin was over and she was totally sweat marked --

I agree -- not liking the cap sleeve jacket either ----not feeling the pleats on the shorts --plus they look like they will wrinkle easily --