Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great Photo Series Showing the Same Outfit in Two Different Sizes/Body Types

The Edmonton Facebook page has a great photo series showing the same outfits in two different sizes. I would guess a size 6 and a size 10. It's a great illustration that Lululemon looks flattering on a variety of body types and I applaud the store for posting these photos and hope to see more.

Pig Pink Define Jacket and Coal/Pig Stratus Wunder Unders

Black Stride Jacket with Wunder Under Stratus Crops

Wish Blue Define with matching Stratus Wunder Under Crops

Pig Hip Halter Tank with Shanti Crops (top) & Pig Power Y with Coal/Pig Stratus Wunder Unders (bottom)
It's rare to see lululemon being modeled by an educator who isn't a size four or a size six so that is why I am including these photos.

Wish Blue Cool Racerback with Wunder Under Stratus Crops

Renew Dirt Dress in Wish Blue and Citron


Kristin said...

In the 2nd pig pink jacket picture, what bag is she holding? (the up down tote)? I saw another store page with the tote in white. I'm in the market for a new gym bag, that one looks cute!

Thanks for posting these comparisons. I love seeing the same item on different people.

LuluAddict said...

I think it's the Totally Totetastic Tote.

Kristin said...

LuluAddict - thank you so much, you are correct. I had only seen that tote with the neoprene logo side out - I didn't recognize it with the pocket side out.

I saw the dip on the go bags today - they are very shiny.

momof5 said...

I love the crb with the dress-- looks so pretty --- I also saw a picture on the edmonton site of the blue part draped over one shoulder -- not sure how she did it -- but it looked elegant! Also like the look with the pink and grey dress -- hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these!! I have a body similar to the larger model's and it's always so refreshing to see people my size in lulu. I often get intimidated going into the stores (esp when I have to drive over an hour to my local lululemon.) There's a showroom about 15 minutes away from my house that just opened, but I've heard rumors that the showrooms only go up to an 8 -- and I'm a pretty solid lulu 10, sometimes 12. Any truth to that one?

Now I have to get the stratuses in wish blue -- ahhhh the way the blue stripe looks on the model's body is TO DIE FOR.