Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool Racerback SE - Me Likey!

New SE Cool Racerback in Saavage with white trim. There is also an white with angel blue or Angel with white (it was described both ways in two different product alerts) - as soon as I find a pic, I'll post.


FW2842 said...

Oooh, I love this. Finally something new to be excited about :)

pilatesmom said...


Luvlulu said...

I was supposed to go pick up my savage green CRB that is on hold today but couldn't make it. I am glad I didn't now. I think I'd rather have this one. It's cute!

pilatesmom said...

All: what is your favorite lulu summer item this year? or if you can't pick just one, what are your top three?

I think my tops are:
namaste coverup
flashback shorts
and...i'm thinking my twisted shoulder tee is making the list too : )

my list could go quite a bit longer as I have to say, there has been quite a lot that I have purchased and adored this spring/summer both for style and for the color palette.

momof5 said...

Hmm -- good question pilatesmom ---

I love -- my:

Potion hat
No Limit Tank
Flashback Shorts

I am retinking the twisted tee -since you speak so fondly of it -- TTS or size down?

Luvlulu said...

Run: Zoom Singlet
Flashback crop - on markdown, yeah!
No limit tank
Free 2be jacket

I have to say I love all my pimas too. 5yr tee & modern racerback. I love wearing Lulu casually and not just for working out.

Anonymous said...

My fave lulu summer items this year are my white modal manifesto racerback, white Dance Studio Pants, and ribbed racerback tanks (not worn all together! lol).

LuluAddict said...

I would have to say Zoom Singlet.

pilatesmom said...

@momof5: yes, rethink the twisted shoulder tee. the photos don't do it justice. And size one down from your normal size. I did and it is still "relaxed". It looks very chic in the black (my fav of the three colors for this particular style) with a power y bra under it with the skinny straps showing, and leggings of skinny jeans (better with a fitted bottom as the top is a touch shouchy). I say go for it.

Zanna said...

What store was the product notification from with the Cool Racerback SE? In US or Canada?

LuluAddict said...

@Zanna - The SE CRB tanks are showing up in my US store notifications. One was a CA store and the other a TX store.

Pattybea said...

Just worked out in my Zoom singlet--very nice. Kept me nice and cool. Hoping this tank sticks around for a few more new colors.

My favs: No limit
Zoom Singlet
Astro crops