Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Upload Thursday Wishes

I swear Thursdays have turned into mini-Christmas mornings for me. It gives a little lift to the end of the week to see if there are any surprises uploaded to Lululemon's site. This is what I hope to see tomorrow:

1 - Run: Swiftly Tanks in Potion Purple and Savage Green. The Savage is pretty in this fabric but figuring out a bra to put under it is problematic, especially in this tank because the bra will most likely show. There are no matching Savage Green bras. It's kind of surprising because the Savage stuff is selling very well - the Savage Green Define Jackets are sold out on the US side of the website and the Savage Horizon Stripe Zoom tank sold out the first day it was uploaded.

2 - I am also hoping to see more Run: Energy Sleeveless in Angle Blue and Potion Purple. I got a product alert from the Santa Monica Store last week that said they had them in Angle Blue with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (color code: ANGL/HCWE) and Potion Purple, but the color code is POPR/LMVD so I suspect it comes with the writing on the front (boo).  I am leaning towards getting an Angel Blue one.

3 - I am also hoping they'll upload more colors of the Run: Zoom Singlet. However, I am torn between getting the Potion version, the black Zoom (which I think would be fantastic to wear to Disneyland on hot summer days. It's so nice to have breathable, wicking, quick dry clothing to wear to theme parks in the summer. I like black tops for this since they are not obvious athletic wear and I don't have to worry about them showing dirt), getting the Angel Blue Run: Energy Sleeveless, or the Potion Purple Run: Swiftly.

4-  I am also hoping to see the new Run: With It crops. I haven't had a chance to go to the stores to see them and they haven't showed up on Facebook so I am curious to look at the close-up photos of the model.

5 - I am also hoping the Potion Purple Pirouette headband shows up. My Dance headband is nice but I would like a wider band of purple to match with my tanks and jacket.

6 - It would be nice if some surprise tank showed up but those seem to be few and far between. We can hope.


Luvlulu said...

I agree with your wish list. I already have 4 potion purple tanks but plan to get the swiftly on Friday. I don't own one yet and everyone seems to like them for spin. The arm area is a bit loose, not the same as a CRB. I may pick up the savage too. I love the Run Zoom Singlet. I was waiting for my store to get in savage green to try it on. I have PP and coal wee stripe and didn't think I needed another striped tank. I do have the black one on hold until Friday. I am glad you posted your comments about wearing it on hot days. I only was thinking of it as workout wear but I may get it now and use it for both purposes. I hope there's an new angel blue tank uploaded tomorrow.

pilatesmom said...

I hope a CRB comes out in savage! Haven't seen it on any store sites but perhaps we'll get a surprise. I'm loving savage. Got my savage zoom tank, savage energy skirt, black with savage speed shorts and savage half moon jacket in the mail yesterday and it is all SO cute together (also have the savage 5 yr already and the static remix with savage trim). Between savage and angel I'm pretty happy lately. Also STILL waiting for more new colors of the namaste coverup. Would love more piouette headbands as well. For the first time yesterday I tried on the swiftly tank -- I hated the fit (like my long and short sleeve versions)-LOOOONG loose armholes and going down a size just makes it suuuper tight at the waist and hips while not helping much with the armhole area. Very awkward fit in my opinion. Also tried on the seek the peak jacket. Meh. Ended up leaving the store with the sprinkler remix with charcoal lining. It sure isn't remix season but the color was so beautiful and the finish seemed softer than most of my other remixes. Come fall I'll be glad I have it.

Angela Dawn said...

Yes, thanks for the comment on the black run zoom singlet! I wasn't thinking about wearing it at Disney (I live on the East Coast, so it's Disney World for me!). What a great idea - adding to my list. :)

I am also in hopes for the 50 rep bra, it just fits me perfectly. I ordered two from the GEC, but it'd be easier to just go on the website.

And my ultimate wish-list item - Remix Lux in the new colors. I just love this hoodie and it's a lighter weight for summer. Though, I doubt this is happening, but I can always hope!

Lulu Thursday is like Christmas! But despite a week or two, the last couple months I don't think I've been enjoying the presents laid out for me.

ojodeazul said...

They had the satin headband in potion purple at the Lulu in Fashion Island on Sunday.

LuluAddict said...

@pilatesmom - The Run: Swiftly would be soooo much better if they cut them like the Cool Racerback. I think the CRBs are the perfect racerback tank. The Run:Swiftly doesn't look that great on me, especially with my narrow shoulders, but I hold me nose and wear it because it's the lightest tank Lululemon makes. The room my gym holds spin in gets really hot and stuffy, especially in the summer.

@Angela Dawn - You are right, I forgot the 50 Rep bra. I like that bra, too, but I'm so bad, I always try to get my Lululemon bras on markdown so I'm going to have to wait a while to find that one.

@ojodeazul - I am planning on hitting Fashion Island today or tomorrow. Did you notice if they have the Angel Blue Run: Energy Sleeveless and the Savage Green Horizon Stripe or Black Zoom: Singlets?

Anonymous said...

@Angela Dawn @LuluAddict- How is the support on the 50 Rep bra? I wear a size 8 in the All Sport bra so I need the support. Is the front cut lower than the All Sport? I'm worried about too much cleavage.

ojodeazul said...

@LuluAddict - They ony had the blue short sleeve. I didn't see any of the sleeveless

As for the zoom singlets, they had that blue, potion, grey, and black I think. I didnt' see the savage green,b ut I had bought it from the website already so I didn't look.

LuluAddict said...

I haven't seen the Savage Green stripe show up in any US Facebook site photos so I am wondering if it will be in the stores. Hmmm.

Hmmm.The Fashion Island store hasn't sent out their Product Alert yet so I don't know what new stuff they received. They posted they got 12 boxes in but no details. It's probably all Seek the Peak and tencel stuff.

pilatesmom said...

I'm wondering if savage has limited distribution. All of my savage pieces I've purchased online with the exception of my 5yr which I bought at my store (it looks like my store isn't getting much savage nor the other area stores I have on product notif.)