Monday, May 31, 2010

Shopping Report & Pics of New Stuff - Gather Dance Strap, New Run Energy Sleevess, Sunblocker Pullover, Run With It Jacket, Stow N Go Pullover

Gather Dance Strap Tank - $58
This is a cute tank  - I love the double straps. I don't have any info on the fabric. I wouldn't use it for working out but for streetwear it's pretty.

New Colors of Run: Energy Sleeveless
I would be all over the Potion Purple one except for the stinking writing on the front. If it just said "lululemon" on the front, I might buy it. The Angel Blue is pretty but I just bought the Zoom: Singlet in that same color scheme. I have to say I love the Energy SL tanks, though. The side pocket holds my nano perfectly. I also sized down one size in the lavender one I bought. I hope they continue to make them in more colors without writing.

Run: Sunblocker Pullover
The Sunblockers don't do anything for me. I didn't care for the feel of the material and people have commented on here they wouldn't want to wear it much above mid-70-degree weather.We're heading into summer here and I can't really think about long sleeves.

Run: With It Jacket
I saw this when I was out shopping today. I didn't bother trying it on - it just looked too boxy laying on the table and I hate the cap sleeves. 

Stow N Go Jacket - $78
I like the nice, simple design of this jacket and the fact that it's not a pullover. I'll have to try this on when it hits the stores.

Flamingo Modern Racer - rather silly (is it supposed to be ironically retro?)

Swiftly Tech Shirt and Zoom Crops
I like this pic because the woman is curvy and looks great in her Lululemon.

Shopping/Try On Report - I went shopping today in the hopes of scoring some sales and wasn't disappointed. I picked up a lagoon short sleeve Run: Swiftly tee for half off. I totally lucked out because the other store I went to only had them marked down to $39/49. 

I tried on the new Run: Zoom Knee Short. I liked them a lot but I already have my Biker Groove Shorts so couldn't really justify the price. The Zoom Knee shorts have two front waistband pockets. I also saw the Zoom Knee shorts in the Savage Horizon stripe that would match the Zoom: Singlet so I am hoping the green Zoom Singlet is coming to the US soon.
I also tried the Run: With It & Zoom crops. I couldn't find a 12 (I've been having a hard time finding 12s in bottoms so I don't know whether Lululemon is shipping fewer 12s or people are beating me to buying them. There are 12s on the website so I'm not sure what is up) but I tried on the 10s. They are nice luxtreme crops that came a couple inches below my knee and also has two front waistband pockets. I much prefer these shorter crops to the Empower crops. There were also quite a few luxtreme running crops - Empower and Team Spirit - on markdown at the stores I went to - mostly the coal gray ones but a few black with colored bands.

I tried on the Seek the Peak jacket. Pilatesmom is correct and the jacket looks pretty cute on you if the under jacket hugs your curves. I liked the jacket from the back but I still don't care for the short outer sleeves. Also, the pockets are tiny and I couldn't get my iPhone it it. It's big enough for a nano and that is about it. I wouldn't be able to get my keys in there either. It's comfortable and unique looking but I would only get one if it was on major markdown.


Anonymous said...

The girl wearing the lavender Shiftly Tech shirt is wearing Run: Zoom Crops, not Empower Crops.

LuluAddict said...


ChiRunner said...

Though, speaking of the Empower Crops (which I love), the Oakville Facebook site has photos of the Empower in new colors as well - coal with angel blue and black with potion purple. I'm going to be crushed if the black/purple ones don't become available in the US.

pilatesmom said...

The stow n go looks like something I might spend $50 on but not $80. I tried on the run with it crops and really liked them (but didn't buy them)- liked the relaxed feeling around the knee.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an opinion on the Run With It Jacket who has actually tried it on? Some of us don't live close to a store and have to base our buying on blogs and reviews....I can't decide on something based on one picture and how it looks laying on a table! 2of my favorite lulu purchases looked horrible on the hanger/table and looked awesome when tried on and I love them!

pilatesmom said...

anon: out of curiosity - what were the two things that looked horrible on the hangar and ended up being faves when you put them on?

Anonymous said...

the sunblocker is designed to protect you from UV rays, hence the long also has circle mesh and a special finish to provide extra breathability. I know running in the summer with long sleeves seems silly....but that is what it was designed is the "Sun"blocker!

Kristin said...

Regarding the girl in the purple SS shirt: the Pacific Place facebook pictures call this the Metal Vent shirt, and in another photo you can see there is a zipper pocket along the low back. I cannot find this shirt for women on either the US or CAN lululemon site, only mens versions (with no zip pocket). Sigh. Why do they make it so hard to shop with them? I'd love to try that shirt, guess I should just call the store and ask about it.

Also, what crops or shorts would you guys recommend for running on the treadmill? I love my groove crops for yoga but the room is dark and I don't know if I'm confident enough to wear those around the gym, they are a little clingy. I'd like something less form fitting but not super baggy either. And no short-shorts. Thank you from this LL newbie.

ChiRunner said...

@Anon 3:00 AM - I have tried on the Run With It jacket. I'd don't want to repeat the whole thing here, but you can find my opinions, etc. of the jacket in the comments section of the May 27 post about the jacket on this site.

LuluAddict said...

@kristin - I know they (Pacific place) called the shirt the Metal Vent Shirt and the crops the Empower crops but that is definitely the Run: Swiftly. The Metal Vent is a mens shirt. The zipper is actually part of the crops. Also, those are the Zoom crop like someone pointed out to me. The Empowers don't have a back zipper. It's kind of hard to believe the store labeled their own stuff wrong.

The only loose fitting crops I'd recommend to you are the Relaxed Fit crop but I don't know how they are for running since I like to walk. I can tell you I don't like things baggy at the crotch because they tend to start bunching up on me when I walk or spin.

Kristin said...

Lulu addict - thank you so much! You are better than the store! They aren't open yet so I haven't been able to call. I totally did not pick up on the zipper being a part of the pant rather than the top. OK, so now at least I know what I should try on. The website only has blah colors of the shirt, guess I'll need to hit a store to see something more exciting. Is the shirt see through?

I had seen the relaxed fit crops on the website and I am tempted to order a pair and try it.

Thank you again so much!

Anonymous said...

@anon lulu addict doesnt go running. thats why she is a size 12, so she doesnt understand a lot of the function of the clothes for real sports

momof5 said...

WOW ANON1221-- rude much --i am a 6 -and i also don't like the long sleeve sun blocker --nor would I wear it for my RUNS in the summer --Geez--did you ever hear --don't have anything nice to say --don't say anything at all--

mollywaffles said...

I totally get the purpose of the Run:Sunblocker LS. I run and I own it. I commented on previous posts (May 22: What did everyone buy this morning), after wearing it a couple times running in 60s-70 temps that I didn't think it would be great in hot temperatures, unless you're used to wearing sleeves when it's hot. I'm not even in CA or somewhere that warm; I'm in NJ and I like more of a breeze when I'm sweating. The circle mesh is nice, and the fabric is cool to the touch, but it's not enough to keep me cool when I go on runs in 90 degree weather, which is what I've got right now. I love fabric with UPF, but I also like to air out. I think it's good for cooler sunny runs, or a bike ride where you're going to get more of a breeze.

not cool...You can be athletic regardless of your clothing size. Why don't you post with your real identity/email instead of throwing insults anonymously.

mollywaffles said...

I like the looks of the Sunblocker pullover, but agree that I wouldn't wear it for its intended purpose. I especially don't need the extra weight of a hood in hot weather. I think the green one looks really good on the model though.

Wish I could find the Run: Zoom Knee Short in the colorway you posted a picture of.

LuluAddict said...

@anon 12:21 - I don't run but I do spin which burns as nearly as many calories per hour as running does unless you are a super speedy runner. I also do intervals on the elliptical and lift weights so I'm not sure how these are not "real" sports compared to running. As for being a size 12, there are plenty of over-weight runners so running is not a cure all.

Exactly what function am I not understanding in relation to Lululemon's technical clothing because I don't run? The wicking ability? The breathability? The ipod pocket?

The only thing I can't comment on is whether the crops/pants fall down when you run. However, I'm pretty sure I can get a good idea because I often take long walks in the hills around my home.

Anonymous said...

I purchased 3 of sunblocker SL shirts to protect my skin while enjoying running. I wasn't sure first but it is totally worth it every penny you spend. i totally with @ mollywaffles comment. It has cooler feelingt against skin. I usuaslly wear size 6 tank from lululemon but seems like sunblocker SL runs looser.I hope savage green will be available in US!