Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pics - Zoom Singlet, Speed Shorts, Stride Jackets

Stride Jackets in Angel blue, Potion Purple, White/heathered coal wee stripe

Savage Green Horizon Stripe Run: Zoom Singlet
I was worried this was an on-line only color but it seems it is showing up in stores. I am hoping it comes to my stores. I didn't want to buy green without seeing it on. I'm not normally a bright green person but this tank looks so cute on everyone who has modeled it.

 The whole color set of Zoom Singlets - Angel Blue, Savage Green, black, Potion, Heathered coal wee stripe

Run Speed short - with waistbands that match the Zoom Singlet

Lime/Potion Foxy Plaid

The plaids are so cute. I wish they could put the plaid on some power mesh and use in tanks or maybe make headbands from it.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen potion purple stride in the US yet?!?

Anonymous said...

what crops is the girl with the purple stride wearing?

Luvlulu said...

@anon 5:20pm - I think it's the clam diggers in static charcoal she is wearing. It looks like it based on the hem of the crop. It could be the astro but they don't have as large of a hem line.

LuluAddict said...

I agree with luvlulu - they are the clam diggers.

houndlvr67 said...

The foxy plaid in the lime/angel/savage/potion AND in the black/grays is really appealing. Totally agree...would LOVE to see the pattern in a headband, CRB, or cotton jacket.

Anonymous said...

The stride jackets appears to look better on a longer torso person. I don't know but the girl what is wearing the white one looks like she is either freezing or being strangled.

Dori said...

I love that green Zoom Singlet. I will have to look for it and try it on. The matching Speed shorts are adorable. I LOVE my Speed shorts!