Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pics - Run With It Crop (finally!), Angel Blue Swiftly Tank, Zoom Knee Crop

Hot Yogi Bra and Run: With It Crops
Finally, someone has posted a photo of the new Run: With It Crops. I usually don't like the color blocking or stripe placement on Lululemon's luxtreme running crops but I think Lululemon has got it just right on the new Run: With It crops. I must try these on.

Zoom Knee Short
I like every photo I see of the new Zoom Knee Short. To me, these are the perfect length short - covers the imperfections on my thighs, yet short enough to be cool. I have to try these on, too.

Modern Racer Tank with Graphic (I'm not sure about the bottoms - I think Zoom Knee Short)

Angel Blue Run: Swiftly Tank

All The Run: Zoom Singlets

I love that this store (Masonville) modeled a group of different combinations of Run: Zoom Singlets and shorts. They did this with a number of  jackets, tops, and bottoms. It's a great way to showcase the product.


ChiRunner said...

I was really excited about the Zoom Knee Crop too, but when I tried them on they hit me right in the middle of my knee so that when I bend my knee the fabric bunched up behind it. The curse of short legs!

Stacy said...

I bought the zoom knee crop yesterday in Carlsbad. They are great!!!

Anonymous said...

New items are up on the website NOW! 10:40 am EST

LuluAddict said...

So far, nothing I want. Hoping for late adds.

Marci said...

I like the looks of those run with it zoom crops too!! I think they look low rise though... for running its not the best idea, but I will try them on.

Dori said...

Just bought Run With It Crops! You know how I always complain that I can't wair straight leg tight crops/pants because of my sensitive skin. This is FINALLY the perfect running crop for me! I live that it is just a little loose-fitting in the leg, enough to not feel like I am being constrained. I hope they make a full length running pant like this!