Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pics on New Stuff- New Flight Running Bonnets (yay!), White Half Moon Jacket, Black Half Moon Crops/Jacket, More Half Moon Items

The Flight Running Bonnet is back!!! I am so happy. I live in this hat. I am outdoors a lot with working on my kid's playground and watching little league games. It also is back in black. I don't know if it comes in anything else other than the Passion, the Buzz Light year plaid, and black. I'll have to think about which one to get.

There is a Black and White with heathered coal wee stripe half moon crop and a solid black Half Moon jacket. Here is a photo of all the Half Moon crop color options - solid black, coal with angel blue, black with savage green, and black/white/coal wee stripe.

Here are some more photos of Half Moon and Sun Salutation pieces:

White Half Moon Jacket

All Colors of Sun Salutation Tank - Angel Blue, Coal Wee Stripe, Potion Purple, Savage Green, Solid Black

I'm not loving the Sun Salutation tank from any of these photos. Has anyone tried it on yet?

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Scoop Neck with Black/White/Wee Stripe Half Moon Crops.


pilatesmom said...

I ordered the flight bonnet when it originally came out and had to return it because it was HUGE on me and no means of adjusting it (and I have an average sized noggin. certainly not small). was very bummed because I liked how long the brim was and how deep the hat part was. I am diggin the half moon stuff and the sun salutation tank.

M.Wheeler said...

I ordered the sun salutation tank in angel blue and potion purple from the GEC. I think it looks slenderizing in the pictures, but will know more when I get it next week (I hope).

Momof5 said...

I like the angel blue tank -- the potion just looks so fall like to me that i just dont like it for now --maybe it will hit loot later in summer and i will pick it up for fall then
the crops are cute --have to see how they fit -- bummed -- i would love the astro crop in the green!!

like the hat -- Im just so bummed about the lack of stuff lately!! Did anyone notice the meet the designer thing on the website -- cant wait to read those comments!!!

ojodeazul said...

Afer the essentially crappy upload. I bought the define and the astro crop in the angel blue from the GEC today. Should be here early next week!

Lacey said...

I'm excited to try on the new bonnets! They look cute! I personally am not a big fan of the half moon stuff. I tried it on and I just don't like the stripes.

People don't like potion purple? :( I am the exact opposite. I LOVE it! I have a darker skin tone, so I think pastels like angel blue and bubblicious look kinda juvenile on me, but I think I look best in jewel tones like potion purple! I picked up the remix, the crb, and just ordered the scoopneck from GEC.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the potion purple too! it's my favourite colour out right now. the pastel colours wash me out as well

houndlvr67 said...

I LOVE potion purple...what I don't love is all of the stripes STILL going on. The Half Moon stuff looks marginally cute but that style jacket is too short for me. I'm hoping for a modal jacket! So they've done the vita crop and the vita a "vita jacket" in the works???

Anonymous said...

totally off subject: did Olivia Newton John wear a Lululemon Define Jacket in this week's Glee episode or was that just me?