Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pics - New Tank- Sun Salutation Tank & Detail on Waistband of Half Moon Crop

A new tank! I like the stripes & the ipod pocket in the back but the straps look a bit narrow for major support. The front looks just like the front of a Swift tank which is not my favorite. The high neckline is nice for those who want more coverage. I know that has been a concern with a lot of the new tanks that have come out in the last few months. I want to try it on and see how it looks. I also hope it comes in other colors since I already have the heathered coal wee strip Push UR Limits and this is too similar.

Sun Saluatation Tank Details:
1. Flow through your sun salutations in this body skimming, medium support tank
2. Made with luon light which is lighter than our regular luon and has the same great benefits - wicking, 4 way stretch, breathable
3. Wide luon straps are comfortable and don't dig into shoulders while practicing yoga
4. Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for remvoable cups
5. Flat seamed for chafe resistance

Picture showing the waistband of the Half Moon Crop:

Half Moon Crop Product Details:
1. Keep fit in this all purpose, tight fitting crop great for the gym or boxing
2. Made with luon, our signature fabric, is breathable with coverage, a cotton-like feel, and has 4 way stretch to provide support and allow freedom of movement
3. Low rise, flat waistband stays put with out digging into you
4. Gusset designed for greater range of movement with comfort
5. Flat seamed for chafe resistnace & comfort

 Here is a photo of the tank wall from the above photos. It looks like the Sun Salutation tank comes in Angel blue with black and white stripes, purple with stch, and savage green with blue and white stripes.


Kim said...

I do like the back of this tank, but not a huge fan of the boring, plain front. I really really miss the athletic deep V

LuluAddict said...

I'd like to see this tank on a bustier woman. It might be like the Push UR Limits tank and look better on women who have more on top.

pilatesmom said...

I like the tank. I'll be adding that in angel blue to the matching halfmoon jacket and crops (like that they say the crop is low rise). Hope the whole set makes it on this week's upload but that is probably asking for too much (especially since these pieces are only in Canada stores right now, correct?)

Momof5 said...

i like the tank -- hope to see the green on to get a better idea -- i, too, miss the deep v -- i think everybody does!!

I have great hopes for the upload this week =-I hope we all aren't disappointed!!

Zanna said...

This tank looks promising. I don't think the support will be great either. We'll see. Waiting for more picture to pop up on the FB pages before I decide if I want it or not. Would love to get a technical top in Savage Green.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the photos of that tank, I immediately was reminded of the Athletic Deep V tank. This new tank has everything the Deep V tank has, except for the best part of the Deep V--its flattering neckline. I'm hoping that this isn't meant to be the replacement for the Athletic Deep V.

Personally I'm not really digging the Half Moon/Sun Salutation collection (and the Mynah collection); I would feel weird wearing an outfit that is so matchy-matchy. It's like Garanamals for grown-ups. I'm all for buying Groove Pants with some color in them to match tanks, but wearing the both the same color scheme and the same stripe motifs from head to toe is too much, IMO.

Pattybea said...

I agree anon--the styles of late are just blah IMO. Alright already with the stripes and color blocking...can we get back to at least a few feminine looking tanks and fabrics?? That is what attracted me to lulu in the first place. The styles were feminine first then athletic. Now it seems as if everything is leaning more to the athletic side. Except the wraps, which I am not a fan.

I like to match my grooves to my tops but the pant color stripes are usually never seen...but...I know I match and that makes me feel good. I do not like the in your face matchy matchy...but that is me...

It seems as creativity is at a low right now or they are looking for ways to cut costs or speed production. Case in point--this years WWA, only available in Canada :( were plain colors with plain colored lined hoods. Last year some of them were multi colored and many if not all of them had a cute patterned hood liners. I have the heathered fruity tootie with the cutest print lining in the hood. It makes the jacket much more special.

I am helping the budget at the moment due this change in design so I guess that is a good thing.

LuluAddict said...

Pattbea you hit the nail on the head - Lululemon was feminine first then athletic. One of my first tanks was the Aria tank and I felt so feminine and beautiful in it. It was a great functional tank. I should have never sold it.

I'm not that big a fan of the stripes and color blocking, either. It's not too much different than anything you can get from Nike or Adidas and thus very ordinary. However, it is a vast improvement from what they have been putting out over the past few months.

I certainly hope this tank is not a replacement for the Deep V. I'm sure it's very functional but it is not nearly as flattering a cut as the Deep V.

Anonymous said...

This tank is so ordinary and lackluster; definitely nothing to get excited about.

Pattybea said...

This new stuff got me thinking about what I have liked and purchased over the years and I discovered that: I have bought feminine tank styles in colors I like--athletic deep v, scoop neck, deep v or I have bought other styles that weren't quite so flattering and feminine but were made with a beautiful print.

I have an ujjayi tank, very similar to the power y, in a beautiful rose print. The mesh down the back is a contrasting bright orangey red. I don't love the style but the rose pattern--very special for workout gear.

Just bought the lace salutation power y, while again not my favorite style the print is different, beautiful and fun (with the poses across the top), so again a special tank to sweat in.

This year I have mostly purchased CRB's and while nice and I do enjoy layering them with contrasting bras, they are absolutely nothing special.

The current scoop trend with the contrasting necks is getting old. Most of my scoops are solid colors with one exception and that one is not too over the top contrasting plus the body is again, a beautiful print.

So, I look forward to the end of the stripe era and I hope to see more beautiful lulu prints. Failing that maybe more femininely styled tanks...something....anything...

Pattybea said...

Oh...how could I forget...this years no limits...love it, ultra feminine so I bought 4...

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