Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pic - Two-Tone Run Swiftly

The two-tone run swiftlys are very cute. Hopefully, there will be more to follow.

I forgot to post a photo of the Savage Green Run: Swiftly racerback. It's one of those colors, like Tang Light and Bold Blue, that look even better in the swiftly fabric than the others.


Anonymous said...

what page was the two-tone Run: Swiftly on?

Momof5 said...

Does it burn any one elses ass that they highlight those beautiful tang and lavender grooves on their coverpage but don't sell them!!! ARGH!!!

Has anyone tried on the new Zoom Bike Short -- know they have 4 lengths in these -- curious how long the bike length is -- it looks about as long as the reverse groove shorts but you cant really tell since there is no inseam measurement

Also -- is the gather pant new -- not the gather and grow -- just gather -- did I miss these?

Anonymous said...

I really like the run swiftly. Do we think it comes in other color combos?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - The two-tone run Swiftly was on the Saskatoon FB page.

Anonymous said...

Is THAT the color combo of the grooves on the No Camel Toe ad? I love them. Did they ever hit the store or GEC. I don't remember seeing them online. And is that a tang light Power Y she is wearing too? Gorgeous outfit.

Anonymous said...

the grooves on the cover page are not tang and lavender, they are the tang/chirp/pink quilted grooves from earlier this season (you can see the chirp if you look closely).

The lighting of the picture just makes the white look lavender