Monday, May 17, 2010

More New Stuff - Run: Zoom Singlet (Channeling the Tri-Y); Seek the Peak Jacket, Crops, Pants, & Shorts

Run : Zoom Singlet
A woman on Facebook was kind enough to post some of her new purchases. This is the Run: Zoom Singlet. It's made of luxtreme but she writes it is looser fitting than a Swift or Push UR Limits Tank. It does not have a built in bra but she writes it looks nice with a Flow Y (not enough support for me) or the new 50 Rep bra which is supposed to be as supportive as the All Sport (does have enough support for me for spin but not for intervals on the elliptical). It comes in solid black, solid Angel blue, potion purple stripe (I wonder if it is a heathered potion purple wee stripe - I can't tell from the photo) and heathered coal wee stripe. I'm glad to see Lululemon is putting ipod pockets in more of their tanks. I really love that feature. It's $52. I must try this on.

Seek the Peak Jacket - $98
This is some sort of weird, two-piece jacket. I like the print but I'm not liking the jacket. The matching crops are not much better. The pants are ok but the shorts are really nice. More photos below.

Seek the Peak in Angel Blue

 Seek the Peak in White with the matching crop

Seek the Peak jacket and matching pant

Seek the Peak Pant in Sidewalk - not bad

Seek the Peak Crop - would have been cuter without the cuff

Seek the Peak Shorts - Yay! Bermuda length.

Bliss Tanks in Angel, White, and Potion Purple

50 Rep Bra - in heathered coal wee stripe and black
The same woman who posted the Zoom singlet also bought the 50 Rep bra. She said it fill small like the All Sport and is meant for running, which I assume means it is supportive.I like the look and want to try it on. It's made of luon.

Half Moon Tanks in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe, Black, and Angel
 Product Info:
- made with our Luon fabric, which is breathable and has 4-way stretch
- a shorter multi-purpose tank great for any workout!
- low support tank with adjustable straps
- available in angel blue/white and black

I'm not really loving the "shorter" look. If people want their tanks shorter, they can get them hemmed. I like longer tanks to show under my jacket and provide cover for my lady parts.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see someone's boobs look good in this half moon tank

Anonymous said...

The Sneak the Peak jacket and pants in white look a bit like a haz-mat suit.

ChiRunner said...

The crops look an awful lot like the Devi Crops ... which didn't sell well at all in my local stores and ended up getting marked down to $39 (from $86) rather quickly.

The bra and singlet look promising though.

Momof5 said...

That white outfit looks like a containment suit at a nuclear power plant -- was silkwood their motivation -- it is horrible -- that jacket is just weird!

after further thought - the half moon is not flattering on any of the models --

i HATE the Zoom Singlet -- i dont need to look down at my boobs to know I should Push myself--

Not a fan either of the potion striped tank -- it looks dingy to me in the model photo -- kind of like how the white neckline ends up looking on the scoopnecks that I refuse to buy with a white neck!! they are all a pass for me! -- Besides its almost Memorial Day- why are we still getting Spring outfits with jackets and pants -- i am getting sweaty thinking of wearing those pants!!!!

That fabric on the pants looks like it makes the "whoosh whoosh" noise when you walk like old parachute pants ! (i know I am showing my age -- but arent I the"target market" from their annual report!)

YogaJenn said...

I think the Run: Zoom looks a lot like the Ujjayi Tanks from a few years back. Just different fabric and colors. Cut and straps look exactly the same.

Jacket--WTF? Ran out of jacket material so lets throw some spandex underneath? How stupid looking...

I thought the same things about the crops--Devi's, again? Don't get me wrong, love my Devi crops but it's summer! Where are the shorts, the hot weather tanks and hats? Yeah, yeah, yeah, got two outrgeously priced ballcaps last week and the equally outrageously priced visor (still kicking myself for those impulse buys).

Regardless, LLL "target market" is starting to wonder if the LLL designers have any idea what they're doing? Did they all go on summer break early and leave it to the kids to design/run the business?

YogaJenn said...

Run: Zoom singlet = updated version of Ujjayi? Found the product link...

Love the actual inseam! Not a "hint" of one...actual fabric between the legs!

pilatesmom said...

The jacket in the plaid is kinda cute I think but I don't like it in the solids and I hate it with the matching pants. The pants and crops look horrible. The bermudas are pretty cute but I have the coal check adventure short bermudas from last year (the adventure shorts are AWESOME everyday shorts and I have several pair purchased last summer and the summer before that - hope they come out again this year). I agree with momof5 that the run zoom singlet looks very dingy in that color.

Anonymous said...

Devi all over again...I wonder how fast that stuff will move to loot. I do however love the shorts!

Pattybea said...

I am speechless with this stuff...

Zanna said...

I feel that this is an April Fool's joke but its not April. Words can't describe how I am feeling about this collection. This has got to be a joke. I feel embarassed and sad for lululemon.

LuluAddict said...

@ yogajenn - If you don't like the hats you could re-sell them very easily on ebay or the Lululemon Exchange page on Facebook. I know the hats are expensive but I love them.

@momof5 - Whoosh, whoosh - that is what I thought when I saw those pants. It's the same as all those track n field pants in loot. They remind me of my Sergio Techini track suit I used to have back in the 90s when I lived in New Joisey (required state uniform ;-) ) - swish, swish, swish.

The zoom singlet is definitely like the Tri-Y and Ujjayi but I liked those tanks. I wonder why they dropped the built in bra? Those tanks were very supportive.

Momof5 said...

@Lululaddict -- I knew we had some smarkiness in common -- I'm from Jersey!! That is probably why I cringe when I see that style of pants -- brings back bad memories of that and AquaNet!!

Anonymous said...

luluaddict- I did see the i just wanna run or energy sl in potion purple but it had the same yucky writing on it. Not sure exactly which of the 2 tanks it was as I saw the writing and didn't look any closer :(

Momof5 said...

The new half moon -- also comes in a potion with lime and charcoal version which actually looks nice on the model -- this one might be promising -- I also noticed some cute running skirts in savage and angel -- as well as a running shorter crop maybe long short in the bottom of one of the photos on facebook -that i havent seen before -- It looks like the SS Run top also comes in lavender --not sure if there is a goofy saying or not on it!

Marci said...

I really don't like this sneak a peak stuff... yuck!! What are the designers thiking?