Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Push UR Limit Heathered Coal Wee Stripe + Try On Review of Free 2B Jacket, Pep Tank, Run: Like the Wind Singlet & Pullover

I bought the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Push UR Limit today. As others have noted the luxtreme used in this version seems a bit thicker than the other versions (bubbilicious, passion, lavender). The pattern also helps hide the lumps and bumps that luxtreme seems to highlight. The tank looks nice with both coal and black pants. The back mesh panel is coal gray. Now I have to find the matching headband.

I also tried on the Free 2 Be Jacket. I liked it a lot. It seemed to fit like a loose fitting Remix Lulu Light. The collar is a bit open but that didn't bother me. The hood is large but not overly so like on the Exhale Jacket.
The length hits about the same spot as a Remix. This jacket is $98 and my store had it in solid black, passion, and gray. The colors weren't that exciting to me so I didn't feel compelled to get it. If you are in the market for a lightweight french terry jacket, you should consider this one. I think I will hold out hope for more Remix Lights.

I also tried on the Pep Tank. I liked it a lot. It seemed to fit loose through the midsection but felt very comfortable against the skin. I might consider it if comes in new colors. The pocket in back does not seem tall

 enough to hold an iPhone unless you turn it on its side.

I tried on the Run: Like the Wind Singlet and Pullover. I like the back of the Run: LTW Singlet but I hate the
flap in front. It just does nothing for me (or anyone I've seen photos of). It is $58 which seems steep for a top without a built in bra. The tank fit true to size.

I also tried on the Buzz Lightyear version of the Run: LTW pullover. The white one wan't bad at all but they
didn't have my size for me to try it on. If I find a photo of it, I'll post it. The pullover fit on the loose side but I hated the Buzz Lightyear color scheme. The zipper went almost down to my navel.


Anonymous said...

I am still debating about the Free 2 Be jacket. I don't have any french terry jackets yet. I am in the market for some. I tried it on last week but was sure about the neckline in front and back being so open. I like everything else about it. I am going back tomorrow to make my decision. I might get the Pep Tank in the gray you posted. It's different and I don't have anything in that color. My only problem is I only have Flow Y bras and really don't want to purchase a bra just for this tank. I felt the same way you did about the Run: like the wind singlet. I really like the tank, just not the flap. Still debating on the pullover in black. I don't have any pullovers and wished I have purchased the run energy when it was out. I saw you gave that good reviews but this is a different material and I'm not sure how it will be. Everyone seems to have mixed feeling on it. I really wish I knew if they were coming out with Remix lights. My store said they haven't had them for 2 years. Weren't they online last year?

Kim said...

@anonymous - they were online and instore last summer - I flirted with buying one all summer!
Love the free 2 be jacket so much.

Anonymous said...

What about the sizing on the Free 2 Be Jacket? Some people are saying they sized down because it was baggy (but it is supposed to be loose fitting)? How did you find it to fit? Also, what is the colour passion like in person....is it really bright? More coral or pink?
When you talk about remix lights...is that the same as the lux?

lmhagood said...

I love the pep tank too (I know...I'm starting to sound like a broken record).I hope they come out with more colors...

I think I'll skip the new run pullover. I'm not a fan of the color blocking, or color choices. I'm a huge run hills pullover lover and will just wait for them to (hopefully) come out with more of those possibly in the fall.

Thanks for all the reviews - very useful!

LuluAddict said...

I think the Remix Lights were only available in the US last summer.

The Free 2B is loose fitting through the midsection. I like my sweat jackets on the loose side so I can layer them over other clothes so I wouldn't size down. I didn't think they ran an entire size large.

Flygirl K said...

LuluAddict (or anyone out there): Would you be able to give your opinion on the differences between the Free 2 Be Jacket and the Remix Light? Canada didn't get very many lights last year, so I don't really have a reference point, other than my multiple Lux Hoodies.

Esther said...


I am curious which lulu store did you get your "push ur limit tank"? I live near LA. I have hard time finding them in store. >_< ...

LuluAddict said...

@ Esther - I got my tank at the Newport Beach store. They had the Push UR in Passion, Lavender, and the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. If you live closer to LA, I'd check the Santa Monica store. They are 2nd biggest in SoCal (Newport Beach says they do more in sales than SM).

@ flygirl - I'll post some photos of the Remix Light and the Free 2B jacket.