Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photos of Remix Lulu Light & Free 2 Be Jacket

Remix Lulu Light Hoodie
The Remix Lulu Light Hoodie looks a lot like the regular remix except it's more form fitting.

Free 2 Be Jacket
The differences between the Free 2 Be jacket and the Remix Lulu Light are:
  • Fit - The Free 2Be is looser through the body and arms
  • Hood - The hood is large and very loose fitting. If you put it up, you will look a little like Obi Wan Kenobi.
  • Thumbholes - The Remix light has no thumbholes
  • The lululemon "Ω" symbol in front - the Remix Light has the Ω as part of the design in the front.


Flygirl K said...

Thanks a mil, LuluAddict!!

Are both hoodies made of the organic French terry?

I just ordered a Free 2 Be from GEC, and I'm now wondering if I should've sized down. lulu has been all over the place with their sizing lately.

Susan said...

Really hoping the remix lulu light hoodies will show up online. They look like they would be perfect for Irish summer weather here.

LuluAddict said...

They are both made of French Terry. I'm not sure if French Terry is organic, though.

RunningOnCoffee said...

I like the deep hood on the Free 2 Be Jacket - looks like it will be great for if you are wearing a pony tail.

Flygirl K said...

Sorry, you're right (I was an Educator, I should remember this!) - the French terry isn't organic.

Anonymous said...

Wow - the remix light is so much nicer than the Free 2 Be jacket. I hope they will make a comeback soon.

Pattybea said...

The free to be just looks like nothing special to me...98.00?? That seems high for a generic hoodie sweatshirt. WWA's are/were 98.00-- a lot more going on with them. Especially those with interesting hood liners etc...

Still a huge stride fan though--if the color is right :)

jessica said...

waiting for 'my free 2 be' to come in the mail...ive BEEN waiting for a remix light to show up online or in some stores but no such the 'free 2 be' is my backup- for anyone who has gotten one, is it lighter weight than the regular remix?? i have two of those and really dont need another of the same with a different name!