Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free 2 Be Jacket, Run: Like the Wind Pullover + Misc.

Pics of the new Free 2 Be Jacket. It looks interesting & kinda cute. I read that it's only in some stores in the US. I think these photos were from the Pearl District (Portland) store. They seem to be the first to get stuff in the US so it'll probably hit my local store later this week.

The new Run: Like The Wind Pullover. It's made of luxtreme. Some woman posted this on the Lululemon facebook page. The color blocking is interesting, although I don't care for this color combo. One person commented that it reminded her of Buzz Lightyear and I totally agree. Lululemon should do a tie in with Toy Story 3. ;-)

It also comes in solid black and white with the wee gray stripes. I've owned a few long sleeve luxtreme tops now and ended up selling every one of them. They just tend to ride up on me as I walk which is what I would buy these for. Maybe I have too much twisting hip motion and too much bedonkadonk but I have to keep pulling them down. That's true of my luxtreme tanks, too, but I wear those to the gym where I'm on one machine or another most of the time.

I like the color blocking of the pullover when on the hanger but on a person, it doesn't seem to do much for her figure, not that it needs any help at all.
I think the color blocking is more figure flattering on the Hills pullover.

More photos of the Elevate pant. They look super comfortable but they also look like they add bulk to your frame. Maybe the black are better.

Here is an interesting set of photos that show the differences between the Swift and the new Push UR Limits. I will comment I think this woman has sized way down in the Push because it is really short and tight on her midsection. My Push comes to my bikini line and I'm 5'5".

Swift Tank
Push UR Limits Tank - More of a V- Neck
Swift Tank
Push UR Limits Tank
I recently got a Bold Blue Swift Tank from ebay and I find the Push UR limits to be more supportive. I really like the Push UR Limits a lot. I'm hope to find the wee stripe gray one in the store this week.


Anonymous said...

The Free 2 be Jacket looks really cute...but it looks ALOT like my Fun Times jacket....
Although the Run Pullover looks cute on that girl...I don't like the colour combo and think it should be sent "to infinity and beyond!"

ojodeazul said...

I love there running luon pullovers, I wish this was made of running luon. But I will probably try it on anyways because I am a sucker for pullovers and anything that is running realted!

pilatesmom said...

Thre Free 2 B looks pretty much exactly like the fun times without the puffy sleeves. I have a black and clarity grey fun times and I love them and find myself turning to them frequently. I'd love to the the Free 2 Be in passion. Bummed at limited distribution which probably also means not going to be online...hopefully GEC will get some.

lulumom said...

Haha, thanks for the good laughs regarding the Toy Story 3 tie in. It is a great comparison. I love my Fun Times jackets..(have them in bold blue, gray and black) I wished Lululemon would release jackets in a broader spectrum of colors..I have so many gray and black jackets already.

Marci said...

One thing I will say about the Luxtreme is that it seems to hold its colour better. I have 4 LS in the brushed luon, and they are all a little faded now, and I only wash in cold water, no fabric/hang to dry. Has anyone else experienced this? I have the Hills pullover you posted, except with coal accents instead of white, and it still looks brand new.
Can I say too, that I am ticked at lululemon releasing everything in the US first? I know this is good for you luluaddict, but as a Canadian company, I am really annoyed with them!

Pattybea said...

I like the push much more than the swift. Mostly because the push is longer. Depending on how you fit in your size...I am a solid/full 4... determines whether or not you should size up in these tanks.

I think this girl is wearing her size but it is just a bit too small. If she sized up the fit would be more gracious and look much better. This is what happened to me when I tried the push on...the 4 looked like it just barely fit while the 6 fit looked much more comfortable. A tight fit in luxtreme, unless you have incredible abs, is not flattering.

Just got last years salutation lace power y (from the website)...cute...

Lacey said...

I tried on the free 2 be jacket in stores, and its was kind of weird. The only thing I didn't like about it was the hood. It is HUGE. The opening for the hood was gigantic, and almost like some sort of collar! Sigh. Pass for me.

houndlvr67 said...

I saw the Run: Like the Wind Pullover and it was a pass for me. I have the same issue with the luxtreme as you do Luluaddict, in that it tends to slide on me. The lime and lavender color combo is so cheap looking and the other white with the coal wee stripes has too much white for my liking.

I ordered a Free 2 Be jacket in passion from the GEC on Friday-no problem :). I will post a review, once I get it.

I think it is a toss up in regards to what gets released first where...It probably has a lot to do with Lulu's buyers AND trying to get the goods through US or Canadian customs quickly. I know Canada has received the WWA, the Pulse Wrap, and various bottoms before the US. It just seems like the stuff that you want always gets released in the other country first :(.

I think I might try the Push tank in the coal wee stripes to go under the passion Free 2 Be. I love passion-it reminds me of rum punch and that can only be good!

Glad that you are back from vacay!

missologist said...

love the toy story comparison!!! how hilar ;) btw tried on the push tank in lavender. a little buldge and u can see. i think its quite supportive though but i still prefer the swift tank as its more roomy in the stomach area and not as low cut.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by my local Lululemon store (in Hawaii) earlier this week, and they have the Free 2 Be jacket in stock. While I do agree with pilatesmom that the jacket does resemble the Fun Times jacket (which I absolutely love as well), the educators who had it on in the store said it felt looser than the Fun Times, and it didn't have the puffy sleeves. I'd buy one, but I already own a couple of Fun Times. Also, it was marked at $98, which $10 more than the Fun Times was priced.

trisha said...

I like the look of the Free 2 Be but I already have an Exhale jacket and wonder if they're too similar...maybe I'll get it in Passion or another color if they come out with any, other than gray or black. I'm not sure if I'd rather wait for a Remix Light and/or Lux, though. And I agree with Lulumom that I wish they'd make jackets in more colors!

I saw the Elevate pants in white at a local store (Irvine, CA). The material is REALLY thin such that they might do no favors in flattering one's body, at least not in white.

Nicole said...

I got the wee gray stripe Push tank the other day and wore it during the Yoga Journal conference and if I were to give it a grade out of 100, it gets an 85. It's supportive, but I still felt like I had to pull it up because it crept down my cleavage once I started sweating. But I am completely obsessed with the design and pattern! So glad I didn't get the pink one with wee stripe contrast.

missologist said...

duno if this is allowed but i am selling my pink & white swift tank on ebay :)