Saturday, March 13, 2010

White Sheer Delight - Real Life Photos

Sheer Delight in White
I posted these pictures because this is how the white Sheer Delight looks on me. The straps are on the loose side which I know will fall off my shoulder. It also is a bit see through - you can see the peach color of her tummy in the top photo. I am going to be returning mine today and picking up the new Cool Racerbacks in it's place.

 Cool Racerbacks in Lavender and Bubbilicous
Someone was kind enough to post their photos of their new CRBs in Lavender and Bubbilicous on Facebook. The Lavender looks a lot like Power Purple so I will skip that one. I am really curious to see Passion. I hope it is not too orangey but more coral. My store also had a bunch in Fruity Tootie yesterday so I will compare the two colors. Here is a photo of Power Purple but it's hard to compare Lavender and PP unless the lighting conditions are the same.
PS - I got my Zohba tank yesterday and really like the feel of the material - it's very similar to luon. I'm going to wear it to spin class this morning to really test it's breathability and wicking and I'll give a full review soon.


Momof5 said...

Oh -- let me know how you like the zobha tank -- they have an awesome jacket too -- that I want to get

so classic and pretty i think, especially since I am not digging much of lulus new jackets lately with the exception of the define --

did you see the scarlett tank - reminds me of lulus older halter tank --I just wish this one had cup pockets -- for their price they should have cup pockets i think -- that being said -- i want the greta tank too!!

Susan said...

Let us know what the zobha tank top is like, would be tempted to get one. Enjoy spin, getting quite addicted to spin myself, I love spin classes.

pilatesmom said...

The sheer delight looks like a baggy mess.

LuluAddict said...

@momof5 - I love the Zobha Scarlett Tank! I wish they had my size, I would order it.

Anonymous said...

i bought both the lavender and the bubbilicious CRBs today and LOOOVE the colors!! I compared the lavender and PP side by side at the store (they still had one PP left) and lavender is definitely a softer, more pastel purple. My bubbilicous CRB looks brighter in person than your photo shows, at least on my computer screen. I think it's a shade more pink, like bubblegum type of pink, than this photo. definitely not neon or anything though. i love it!!