Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upload Today - Devi Jacket, Devi Pant, Devi Crop, Sheer Deligths, Still Shorts, Cocoon Jackets

Sheer Delight Tunics - White and Sidewalk/Lagoon

I wish Lululemon wouldn't do new uploads when my spin class is about to start. Good thing I have an iPhone. Lululemon uploaded three new colors of the Sheer Delight Tunics. These have not shown up in my local stores at all.  I have wanted to try one since they first came on the website but was initially put off because they only went up to a 10. However, feedback on the Lululemon website says they run 1-2 sizes large so I bought both of these.  First I got the Sidewalk/Lagoon because I think I have a couple of bras that might work under it. However, it's kind of ugly so I ordered the white thinking I could use it in the summer when I play tourist at Disneyland. One is going back but I'll let you know when I get them which hopefully should be tomorrow afternoon.

Luluelmon also uploaded the Devi pant which looks interesting but I think it's not going to work for my butt. Take a look at the model's photo:
The pant seems to be pulling in the butt. I noticed that on a real life photo the other day but I didn't post it. I don't think she can size up because the fit is fine in the front and upper thigh:
Anyway, the pants are cute enough but I'll try them on in a store. However, I think they are not designed for bedonkadonk ladies like me.

On the other hand, the Devi crop does not have the same problem.  In fact, the Devi crop is a totally different design. Why they called them both Devi is beyond me.
I hope the Devi crop comes in a solid black because I'm not a fan of the stripes across the back of the thigh. They are both pretty cute pants, though.

The Devi Jacket was uploaded, too, but I don't think I like it based on the photos we've seen. It looks short and puffy, seemingly designed to add bulk to my middle.


spiffykerms said...

I wanted to tell you that I love this website of yours! I've often found myself browsing here as well as reading the reviews on the lululemon website, to determine which size and color I should buy! Thanks!!

-A Canadian. :)

pilatesmom said...

Pleats in front are almost always a bad idea (devi pant) but I think the crops look pretty cute and no pleats - I have the light grey/white coming to me. Also, very happy to see the exhale jacket online - i've got a couple of colors coming my way.

LuluAddict said...

@ pilatesmom - I am thinking of ordering the Exhale, too. What colors did you get?

Anonymous said...

I saw the devi jacket today in store and it looks like a Members Only jacket... I wasn't really feeling the flashback ;)


pilatesmom said...

@luluaddict: this is kind of embarrassing but I ordered the exhale in ALL four colors. I don't plan on keeping all four. If I like it I'll keep one or perhaps two if I love it. I've learned over time that if I'm really interested in something I need to grab it while I can - even in multiple colors if I'm not sure of color - because you never know which styles will stick around online for days/weeks and which will sell out in two hours. I can always return it to my local store. The store near me is smallish and doesn't get every style so I never know if they will or will not get something and I don't want to wait for them to get it, they never get it, and by the time I realize it my size is gone. Such is the life of a lemonhead.

LuluAddict said...

@Pilatesmom - You are too funny. I was just thinking of ordering the Exhale in another color (or two) and picking one. I really like the idea of the heathered clarity gray for summer but I know I will stress out about getting it dirty. However, I love Classic Sport gray but already have a remix light in Dark Classic sport gray. ARgggh!

Momof5 said...

I'm considering the black exhale -- I wish I knew how it fits though, and how the hood lays.....funny, I love the clarity too -- but fear it will get trashed from sticky baby hands. -- I hope someone posts a review before they sell out -- but they don't seem to be moving so fast....I might have to break into the diaper money!!

LuluAddict said...

@ Momof5 - I am wondering why they aren't moving that fast either. It could be a glitch in the system. I've noticed items that seem to be selling slow and then I click a couple of hours later they are down to one color in a size 4. Maybe they made a bunch of these. There are a couple of reviews on Facebook but you'll have to scroll through to find them. It seems that the people who tried them on - three of so - bought them.

Momof5 said...

@Luluaddict -- it seems they arent moving too well on the Canadian side either -- except the lagoon -- and really how much lagoon do you need? I am getting a little bored of the colors -- wish they would jazz it up a little -- I did get the around town bag this afternoon --hope it is as nice as I think -- I might have to unload some things on ebay too!!