Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sheer Delight - Review

I bought the above two Sheer Delight Tunics. As of right now, I am keeping the white one. Whether it's a keeper depends on what new goodies are uploaded this week. I returned the Sidewalk/Lagoon just because I can pair the white with more bras and might be able to use it as street wear in the summer but I did like the lagoon color combo. Like the customer reviews on the website state, the top runs about two sizes two big. It comes down to my mid thigh but I plan to wear it cinched at the hip and baggy at the waist. The luon sheer jersey is super soft and feels like a light version of the running luon. This material could be awesome pajama material.  The seaming across the bust hit me just like the model. The straps are super long and I would love to have them shortened an inch. It would be awesome if they made them adjustable.  The white Sheer Delight is kind of see through. I think this top might make an interesting bathing suit/beach cover up.  I plan to wear it with a Flow Y or other similar bra. It didn't look that great with my Deep Vs. I think this tank would be great for a hot yoga class or workouts on hot summer days.

Sheer Delight Tunic Product Info:

  • The perfect throw on and go tunic to pair with your wunder unders
  • Wicking & quick dry swift fabric with 2-way stretch for total mobility
  • Made out of luon sheer jersey which is light weight, breathable & wickingr
  • Scooped out front and back for optimum ventilation during class
  • Cinch the hem drawcord so it doesn't flip up during inversions
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $58 
Here are a couple of real people photos:
This pregnant women is layering the Sheer Delight over a Cool Racerback which I think defeats the purpose of wearing such a featherweight tank. I love the light/dark gray color combo. This version never made it on-line. She is also wearing the tank lower than the model because the horizontal accent stripe hits her below her breasts.
Sheer Delight paired with a Flow Y, I think. When I tried mine on, I don't have so much of the Flow Y showing.


pilatesmom said...

hmmmmm. i just don't like this tank on any picture on any body except the pregnant one (because it looks like a maternity top) and the way the stripe sits mid-bust looks like a mistake to me.

Momof5 said...

I just don't get this top -- it is adorable as maternity wear -- but after having 5 kids, I like to stay away from clothes that make me look pregnant when I'm not -- reminds me of some of the maternity tops that lulu used to carry way back when.