Friday, March 19, 2010

Push UR Limit - Try on Review

Push UR Limit Tank
My Push UR Limit finally arrived!  I think it is very similar to the Swift, especially the way the straps look through the armpit and breast support. However, it is much longer, only about an inch or two shorter than a Cool Racerback and looser fitting through the belly.  It was actually about an inch or more wider than my Cool Racerback. The straps are very supportive and have a wide piece of elastic inside them. It dips a little deeper in front than the Swift - I think the neckline comes to more of a V than the Swift so you show a little cleavage but nothing excessive. I think it is a more flattering neckline than the Swift. My tank did not come with the cup inserts but with the light pink luxtreme I needed to use them. I think they helped shape the breast better than if I let the tank do all the work. With the Swift, my boobs look like they originate from my armpit so having the cups in helps mitigate this. In the front, on me, the straps seem to be placed for a person with a narrow chest so there is a lot of space between outside of the strap and the armpit, showcasing armpit fat. That is my biggest beef with this tank and the Swift. I don't see the same effect on the model above but maybe she has wider shoulders and/or rib cage. Anyway, if the Swift showcases your armpit fat, this tank will, too.

The luxtreme felt very light and with the circle mesh panel in back, the tank felt very breathable and great for hot summer workouts.  I think if you hate how luxtreme reveals every bump and ripple, this tank might be loose fitting enough through the core you might might not have to worry about it. You could also get it in black.  All in all, I like this tank much better than the Swift and I think I am going to keep it. My only problem is I need to get a pair of matching Coal pants. I have Coal Be Still pants but now I need a pair of crops. Darn!

Here are some measurements between an Athletic Deep V and the Push UR Limit to give you an idea of the difference in fit.  These are for size 12:

- Width at the armpit: 34" (Push), 32" (Deep V)
- Width at the bottom hem: 44" (Push), 42" (Deep V)
- Length: 27" (Push), 24.5" (Deep V)

Product Details:

  • Push your limits in this all-around great tank to wear to the gym, biking or yoga class
  • Made with luxtreme™ feels silky smooth on, and is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Mesh back allows for max breathability
  • Wide straps give the most support without cutting into your shoulders
  • Medium support, body skimming tank
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort


Lacey said...

I saw coal/bubblicious groove II pants in store! You should look for them they would match this tank perfectly.

Lacey said...

Sorry I meant to say that they were crops.

Zanna said...

Thanks for the review. I am still not a fan of the luxtreme. Does not flatter me and I hate the light material, so flimsy. I do yoga a lot so I don't think its suitable with yoga with inversions. I may have to cross over to try the Inner Strength Tank and get more Scoop Neck Tanks. Hopefully they come up with nice solid colours.

Betty said...

Thanks for the review.

LuluAddict said...

I think it will make a good tank for me for spin. I forgot to say it gave pretty good support. Not Deep V good, but enough for spin and intervals on the elliptical.

Susan said...

Thanks for the great review, the swift tank doesn't look the best on me so I think I may skip this tank. Really hope the deep Vs come back in stock soon.