Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Tank - Push UR Limits

New Push UR Limits Tank

Swift Tank

Today's upload to the website was very small. I'm hoping more new items show up tomorrow. Or, maybe the stores have been complaining that the website has been stealing business from them and so they are getting a head start on selling the new Cool Racerbacks.

There was one new tank design uploaded - the Push UR Limits. It looks a lot like the Swift Tank and is made of the same fabric. The Swift does not work for me but I am hoping the Push UR Limits will. I will let you know how it fits when I get it which I think will be tomorrow. I it's hard to tell, but I am hoping the neckline is a little lower in the front than the Swift. The back looks like it is made of circle mesh instead of the normal power mesh. I got the pink and coal. If all the designs were solid, I probably would have passed on it. I think it is a cute looking tank no matter how it fits me.

The Canadian side of the website got the Pulse Wrap and not the American. It is such a popular jacket, I am sure it will be coming to the US soon.

Push UR Limits Tank Features:
  • Push your limits in this all-around great tank to wear to the gym, biking or yoga class
  • Made with luxtreme™ feels silky smooth on, and is light weight with inherent wicking performance to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Mesh back allows for max breathability
  • Wide straps give the most support without cutting into your shoulders
  • Medium support, body skimming tank
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • $52
  • Lavender, Black, Bubbilicious/Coal


Momof5 said...

Oh definitely let me know how the new tank fits -- I normally do not like the luxtreme fabric -- but this tank is so cute with the cross back straps -- I just hate how the fabric tends to hug my most problematic areas -- Hellooooo 5 babies mush just not going away don't need anything drawing attention to it!!!! Also it doesnt mention if this tank has the built in cup pockets? Thanks --- so otherwise disappointed with todays download -- I was really hoping for an epic morning - but got eh!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this tank is super cute too with the contrasting colors. But I couldn't justify another bubbilicious tank since I just bought the cool racerback in this color (I was trying to convince myself that they are totally different styles). If they have a passion/coal or passion/black one I would have bought it right away! But yes please let us know how it fits!

LuluAddict said...

@momof5 - I hear you about baby mush. That is why I like prints so much - helps camouflage the belly. I hope it has cup pockets. I'll need the cups to add a bit of shaping and for coverage. The luxtreme is too revealing.

pilatesmom said...

nuttin' much in today's upload : (
I hope the persist jacket comes online soon.

Anonymous said...

I have a Swift Tank and hate it. I wore this morning giving it another chance and I just cannot stand that material. I had been at the store the day before getting my new Astro pants hemmed and was looking at the Inner Strength tank instead. After I showered I went straight to the store to pick up the Inner Strength since it is regular luon. I do like the mesh in the back of this new one but not enough to go to that material again. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

LuluAddict said...

I have a few luxtreme tanks. I definitely prefer light luon to luxtreme. I'm hoping this tank fits looser through the middle than the Swift because the Swift is really tight on me. I also hope it contains my boobs better. My boobs just spread out all over the place in the Swift. It looks like I should get the tank tomorrow by 2-ish pacific time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the luxtreme comments...I only have one and it is a print. Hides the belly better and I don't have baby mush...the plain colors, WOW...shows every ripple and flaw.

lmhagood said...

I personally really like the luxtreme, BUT only in darker shades or prints....I have a run hills pullover in a stripe luxtreme, and believe it or not, it actually looks good. I can see how a lighter color, though, would show every imperfection. Was a bit disappointed in the latest upload, but that's nothing new...lately most of the uploads have been disappointing.

Debbie said...

I have been waiting for a good tank to buy and there has been nothing interesting to me lately. The bubblicious tank was tempting but I too don't like luxtreme very much and my size 4 was sold out immediately anyway. I saw some really cute groove crops in a dark grey/lavender combo yesterday at my local store but I didn't want crops. Hoping they come out with the dark grey/lavender regular length grooves. And I'm dying for a new tank in a great solid combo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not a fan of the luxtreme..

Lacey said...

This tank looks cute, but it is something that I will definitely have to try on in store.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how to see the Canadian side of Lululemon website? I can only get to the US site, & can't find the CA one. Even if I Google it, it still leads me to the US site???

DiamondsandTulle said...

So jealous you got this tank! I wanted it (first in months!) and on vacation when it came out. tried to order it online and it was sold out of my size by the time I read the notification email! :(

Went into F.I. store and had a bad experience (maybe you read my comment on FB - that I still didn't get a response to).

Anyhow - I LOVE my Swift tanks and that fabric so I knew I 'd love thins one. Might get it in the Lavender but wish all of the colors had a combo with charcoal and not solid.

xx Vivian @