Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Cool Racerback Colors - Passion, Lavender, and Bubbilicious & New No Limit Tank in White is Here!

I picked up my new Cool Racerback in Bubbilicious today.  It looks just like the above photo. It also goes well with my Raspberry, Majestic, and Power Purple, if any of you have those colors.

My store also have the Lavender which was very pretty. I already have a Power Purple CRB so I passed on it.
My store also had a full size set of Fruity Tootie CRBs so if you think you might like one in that color, I'd call the GEC.

I though I might want the Passion but it was a bit too orangey. I like oranges but not in a solid tank. Passion is nearly identical to Kiss from last year.
 Someone was nice enough to post a photo of their Passion CRB on Facebook.

I brought my Persimmon/Kiss striped Flow Y with me to see if it would do and it matches perfectly. If you have any of the following pieces from last spring, Passion goes perfectly. I assume more items will come out in Passion:
Kiss is the bottom stripe in this tank.Persimmon is the middle. I like oranges, but in conjunction with other colors.
The stripes in this top are, from lightest to darkest: Pretty Pink, Persimmon, Kiss (like Passion), and Senorita Pink.
Deep V in Persimmon with Kiss Accent

The other new item my store got in was the No Limits Tank in white. The attached Flow Y bra was white with thin gray stripes. Below is the No Limit in Black. Here is my review of the No Limit from last fall. I like the black version but I don't think I'll get one in white. For one thing, I hate the bra under it. For another, I don't know how see through the white is. I didn't try it on.
No Limit Tank
Oh yes, I asked the sales girl if they were expecting any Athletic Deep Vs in and she said they have been discontinued and pointed me to the All Out Tank.  The Athletic Deep V is probably my favorite all-around workout tank. I'm hoping they put it on hiatus for awhile and then bring it back. It's a bummer.


Lacey said...

I was the one who posted the CRB picture on facebook! Awesome!!

I love the striped bra. I wish that Lululemon would come out with a tank in that pattern.

Krista RN BScN said...

All these beautiful colours... Ahhh, I want them ALL! I'm going to be way too broke soon..:)

Susan said...

That's a bummer that Lululemon aren't making any more athletic deep v tanks, they fit well on me. On the bright side, looking forward to buying some Lulu clothes in some of the new colours.

Zanna said...

Thumbs down to Lulu for discontinuing the Athletic Deep V. In my opinion, this is one of the tanks that sets Lululemon apart from the rest of the brands. I'm surprised they are doing that as it has gotten some really good reviews. Here's hoping that it may come back at some point. Am sure the ones I have will last a lifetime but I would love to get some more colours.

SBJane said...

I was looking forward to an Athletic Deep-V to come out in a red. Rats!

Momof5 said...

Argh -- no more deep v's -- thats my favorite -- and to be replaced with the all out --judging by the availability of it online --its not a favorite --- What are they thinking!!! Next they will discontinue the groove!!! Heaven Forbid!!
I'm glad I just got a new black one but was looking forward to the pink or purple in the deep v -- SO sad!!

LuluAddict said...

@momof5 - I though you posted awhile ago that you bought some Zohba tanks? What did you think of them? I know the built in bra isn't very supportive but otherwise how did you like them?

LuluAddict said...

Re: Deep Vs - I am hoping that the Athletic Deep Vs are taking a temporary hiatus and will be back. I thought Lululemon did that with the Power Y a couple of years ago.

The Deep V is pretty easy to find on eBay if you want more. That is what I am doing.

I think it is funny the educators are told to point us towards the All Out. The Swift is much more similar to the Deep V in terms of support and functionality with the mesh back and ipod pocket. The Swift looks awful on me but I know a lot of people like it.

RanaLC said...

omggg im so glad they are bringing the no limit tank back i was so sad when toronto ran out of em sigh... hopefully the white isn't too see-through

Anonymous said...

I just noticed on my 2 new CRB's that the stitching on the bottom hem is a bit different. Usually the bottom hem seam is flatlocked on the inside and outside. On my new CRB's it is only flatlocked on the inside. My older CRB's and every other tank I own is flatlocked on both sides.

I am somewhat concerned about this decline in quality. I have Nordstrom brand tee shirts that have unraveled after very little use with this type of stitching on the hem.


Unknown said...

Tried on a black no limit tank yesterday... I was underwhelmed. *shrug*