Thursday, March 11, 2010

More on Changing Up Designs

I'm not getting why Lululemon isn't playing with their designs a little bit. They could use decorative edging (not black):
 Conditioning Tank from last summer - I would LOVE for this to come back this summer
Vitalize Tank
Why aren't they putting out a tank using two or three colors from this season. The 3 Set Tank did this in a really cute way:

3 Set Tank from last summer - So comfortable and looks great layered with a Flow Y

So did the Tri-Y.

Three tops that have the same colors in them but are all slightly different:

How about put some print mesh inserts in?
Or maybe a band of different colors like in the old Quilted Deep Vs?
Tops like these lead to so many different purchases because you can match them with so many different jackets, pants, and bras. Solid colors lead to very few extra purchases - one jacket, one pair of pants, maybe a bra to go underneath.

I think it's all coming down to money. It's cheaper to make solid colored tops. I hope they change directions soon.


Erin said...

I agree. I do like my solid colors but I equally like pattern. I would love to see some of these come back.... Though frankly what are they going to do put chirp, tang light and lagoon together in one top.... please shoot me now. The only color from this summers palate I can live with is lagoon and I've already got 3 solid color lagoon pieces..... They are going to have to step things up if they want my money this season.

momof5 said...

For the life of me i cannot understand why they have more mens colors for spring then they do womens -- the mens island green is beautiful as is the mystic blue -- what is going on there -- is design being run by men!! and Oh GAG!!! They just uploaded a tang space dye define jacket -- why would they do that print in that beautiful jacket!

e! said...

Yes, I agree. They are trying to cut costs by using the same fabrics for everything. Less selection = less cost. But also less happy customers. If they are cutting costs this way at least pass the savings onto us!!!! Hopefully this all changes.