Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inner Strength Tank - Try On Review - It's OK & Splatter Stripe Swift Tank

 I tried on the Inner Strength Tank. It's an ok tank but it didn't set me on fire. My boobs kind of overwhelmed the support of the luon straps so I would prefer to wear a Cool Racerback with my own bra. The cut is nice enough - the tank has luon straps and a light luon body. It has a built-in bra with adjustable hooks like the All Out tank. The hooks are located by the side seams. I didn't feel them at all. I thought the tank ran true to size.

 I also tried on the Swift Tank in the Splatter Stripe print. I don't like the Swift on me (my boobs totally spills out the side like I am growing them from my armpits) but I wanted to get an idea how the Splatter Stripe might look if they came out with a Deep V version. I decided I probably wouldn't get a Deep V in this print. The black lines are just too overwhelming.  I am hoping some other cute new stuff comes out this week.


Anonymous said...

I now have 2 tanks in splatter stripe and get lots of compliments... Now, I am small and have small boobs... Maybe I need stripes to give me a shape... It works for me.


Susan said...

I have two swift tank tops and they wouldn't be my favourite. They aren't as flattering as the deep V.

Unknown said...

I bought the Inner Strength tank last night at my local lulu store and I really like it. I got the 6 which is what I wear in the other tanks and I liked the fit. The top is more low cut than I am use to, but fine for spinning and I will probably wear a flow Y underneath it when I teach Boot Camp to control the bounce aspect. I have no chest to speak of, so it works for me, but I could see how a bigger chested person might not be in love with it. I am wearing it today and am looking forward to it!

Like Susan, I do not love the Swift tanks. I like the styling very much, but wish the body of it was longer (I have a long torso) and that the material was regular weight luon- the shiny highlights my least favorite body part (my stomach) and does not control stomach bounce very well. LOL!

On another note, my local store still does not have the Biker Groove Shorts in and I am losing my patience! I think I am going to call the other stores in my area and have some shipped to my closest store, I am tired of waiting for them!


CJRun said...

I hate the armpit fat issues the Swift "creates" for me. It's not like I have much- but it seems to emphasize that little bit. I can totally see how with a large chest it would also be unflattering.

Anonymous said...

Wore the inner strength tank today...anyone else think the cups are a tight fit in the tank?? Also the opening in the tank where you insert the cup is very small...weird...

But overall, a great looking basic. Nice and long, form fitting without being too tight. I like it--finally I like something other than the scoop neck!!