Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exhale Jacket - Cute!

Exhale Jacket - Classic Sport Gray
Exhale in Heathered Clarity Gray
Black Exhale Jacket
OK, so I ordered one of these, too, in Black. It was a tough choice because I like all three of the above colors. It also comes in Lagoon but I prefer a neutral. I didn't feel like running down to my local store to try it on. If I hate it, I'll return it. I picked the black because I figured it would look nice paired with black pants and with a long colorful top - probably a CRB - sticking out from underneath the jacket. The Exhale sounds interesting because it is lined with mesh. I know I don't, and I've read commentary from other people that they don't like putting on a french terry jacket after sweating at the gym because it sticks to you and makes you feel hotter. I'm hoping the mesh layer solves that problem. However, I hope the mesh isn't the same that was used in the Super Tracker Jacket because that was itchy. I hope it's circle mesh. Hmm, I better list some stuff on eBay to pay for this.  ;-)

Product Info:

  • Check out the hood on this jacket - wear it up for warmth, down for basic or flip the hood out and show the cool liner for fun
  • Breathable mesh layer against your body, and soft cotton shell over top
  • Our own blend of cotton french terry is oh so comfy & breathable
  • Inner mesh pocket to keep your card, key or cash in a safe place
  • Added thumbholes for keeping sleeves in place
  • Chafe resistant flat seams for comfort
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when you wash me and zipper won't buckle!
  • $118


Holli said...

I ordered the Clarity today. I hope I love it! It looks really cute :)

pilatesmom said...

I wonder if the stretch mesh is going to be like the venting stretch in the define jacket (which they also sometimes use in their jacket pocket liners)? The exhale big hood which can kind of turn into a victorian collar reminds me of the prairie underground short cloak hoodie (which I love but which costs $225)- google it : )

LuluAddict said...

That prairie hoodie is CUTE! I like how it bells out at the bottom, too. I bet the Lulu design was inspired by the Prairie version.

houndlvr67 said...

I got the CSG and yes, I have listings on Ebay! I'm recycling...good for the environment!

Dori said...

LOVE the Exhale Jacket in Classic Sport Grey... but can't spend the money right now. Sigh. Maybe if I try it on and love it I will be convinced... :)

houndlvr67 said...

OMG now you have me lusting after the Prairie Underground hoodie. Hmm, return the Lulu and take the plunge?
The colors that they come in, are delicious!
I think Stacey and Clinton are going to have to do an intervention on me-the 43 year old that wears hoodies at least 5X a week ;-) !

Anonymous said...

re:prairie underground the model pregnant? whay would I pay $199 for something that is flared at the hip and makes me look pregnant? after seeing this hoodie...the exhale jacket is looking better....

houndlvr67 said...

I'd pay that much for it because it isn't made in CHINA!
The Gratitude Wrap and the Cocoon Wrap, now that's maternity wear!

Anonymous said...

I definatley agree~you could easily wear all Lulu wraps as maternity wear....but they do not make you look pregnant. I agree with anon., that jacket is not flattering at all...I don't care where it is made!

lavenderapothecary said...

I am torn now. I went to the store and tried on the Exhale Jacket.. hm.. the mesh fabric is the big mesh and it is layered at the front and the back body (not the sleeves). The outer layer (front and back, except the zipper area) is all flapped. The hood is super cute, but I am not crazy with the flap all around the jacket and short. I have to think about it again. I almost get it in dark classic grey. Imagine the Define Jacket has flap just in the back, but this is flapped all the way front and back. Do I need another jacket? Sigh.. thinking hard. The Prairie Underground is so cute and nice fabric too.. organic cotton