Thursday, February 25, 2010

Store Trip Report - Bought a I Just Wanna Run Tank, Tried on Astro Pants & Run: Team Spirit LS

I Just Wanna Run SL Tank - Lagoon

All the goodies uploaded today inspired me to make a trip to my local store to try on the I Just Wanna Run SL Tank again. I ended up buying one in Lagoon. I also bought it TWO sizes down from my normal size. I probably would have only bought one size down but the store was out of size 10s and I didn't feel like driving over to the other store or ordering on line. I have narrow shoulders and this tank runs so large in the armpits that it took a size 8 before the armpits and back fit right. The top as I bought it is a lot more form fitting than in the model photo but not skin tight because of all the pleating. I guarantee the model sized down at least one size from her normal size unless she has shoulders like a linebacker. I think the tank looks a lot better with a snugger fit. Everyone who buys this should size down at least one size.

I also brought my Aqua Striped Flow Y from last spring with me to see if Lagoon goes well (it does) with last season's Caribe, Gulf, Aruba, and Seaspray since I have a couple of bras, a headband and a pair of Grooves with those colors. This tank looks great with a Not So Deep V bra which fits almost perfectly under it. Only a tiny bit of the racerback peeks out on either side of the racerback of the tank.

I am looking forward to testing this top out in spin class.
 Aqua Flow Y from last spring

 I Just Wanna Run in Real Life - Tang Light
Run: Team Spirit LS
I tried on the Run: Team Spirit LS also. I liked it a lot but didn't think I would get enough use out of it since I work out mainly indoors and I am always too hot rather than too cold. The other reasons I didn't get one is that I don't care for the color selections. I'm not a huge fan of black silverescent because of the noticeable stripes of silver. The Chirp was too see through for me and I don't have any other Chirp items to match. Finally, and this is probably TMI but I know the Lagoon would showcase pit stains like no ones business.

I tried on the Astro pants while I was there because I wore a pair of Coal Be Still pants and I always like to try on tops with black pants. I like the Astro pants a lot but I thought the luon felt thinner than normal. I also thought this was the case with a pair of Grooves with the Lithograph Iris waistband I tried on at Christmas time. However, the Energize pants that I bought a month or so ago has regular weight luon. It's odd how Lululemon is going back and forth between luons. I wonder if it is deliberate or dependent on the factory the item is made in.


lmhagood said...

I got the Team Spirit top (black) today, and sized down two sizes, and also got the For Fun Tech SS top (black) and sized down THREE isn't tight just more form fitting (and flattering) in the smaller sizes. I was really surprised how long and big my regular size was...I'm normally a size 10 or 12 in the tops, so I can't imagine what people who wear smaller sizes will do. I love the material, though, and that was really my main reason for buying. Thanks for all the updates recently!

Dori said...

Yeah there is no way I will find that top in a size that fits me, they will all be too big. That always happens with the run tanks. Oh well. I got suckered in to the email I got today and ordered the Two in One Dress. I can easily return it to the store if I don't like, but I felt compelled!

LuluAddict said...

@ Dori - The Two in One Dress looks super cute, versatile and surprisingly normal - no weird pleating or cowl necks - yay! Let us know how you like it. What color did you get?

ellesmommy said...

I completely agree with you about the luon in the Astro pants. When I tried them on, I even asked the person if it's the same luon that Grooves are made of, and she said that it is. My Energize pants (with blue stripe) feel just like my Grooves.

Dori said...

I got black. I'm too pale for the washed out sidewalk and lagoon isn't so versatile. I'm hoping this will be a cute, easy summer dress that I can also use as a shirt with leggings by doing the drawcord. We will see, I will report back to you when it arrives!

LuluAddict said...

@ellesmommy - I'm so glad I didn't imagine the thinner luon in the Astro pants. With all the pilling complaints I'm reading about I stay away from any black luon pants that feel thinner than normal.

@ Dori - The dress is so cute, if I wasn't such a pear shape, I'd be all over a dress like that.

mollywaffles said...

love the I Just Wanna Run tank in the picture you shared. I wonder if she sized down 1 or 2 sizes? Thanks for sharing how it fit on you... maybe I'll give it a shot.

And pit stains are not TMI! Especially when discussing athletic wear. it's good to know! :)

LuluAddict said...

@ mollywaffles - Darker silverescent colors really darken when wet. Chirp won't show but Lagoon did. I don't think Tang Light will show but I didn't check it since I think the color is bright in the silverescent fabric. The Tang Light luon is not nearly as bright.

houndlvr67 said...

The luon on the past two Groove Pants that I purchased (black/potion purple/lolo purple and black/wet rose print/pretty pink/fruity tootie)is definitely thinner than that of the Wunder Groove Crop I bought last month. Maybe the "new production" Grooves will be thicker too. Like you said, I'm sure that it is vendor dependent.

Erin said...

I bought the Run: Team Spirit in Lagoon. I'm usually a size 6 in lulu shirts but as soon as I saw it on the rack I pulled a 4 and didn't even bother trying on a 6. And I think if they made a size 2 I would have gone for that. I actually pulled out my iPhone in the change room to go on the web site and make sure they weren't making 2's. But I love it for layering and I'm excited to wear it running. I was going to get the black incase sweat showing was an issue, but I tried it on and I was underwhelmed with the black but blown away by the lagoon for some reason.