Monday, February 22, 2010

Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover - Cute but Pricey!

Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover
I thought the Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover was a very normal looking and cute windbreaker but kind of on the pricey side at $99. It is whisper light and almost feels like you are wearing nothing. It is not lined. It has circle mesh panels down the sides (3rd photo) and slight gathering on the sleeves which is a nice design detail. The photo is of the Lagoon. I also saw it in a white.

Product Details:
1 - Technical lightweight pullover that stuffs into a built-in pocket!
2 - Fits into small pockets, purses, or tightly packed suitcases!
3 - Made of water-resistant and wind-resistant stretch ripstop
4 - Anti-stink mesh side panels for breathability
5 - Thumbholes to prevent sleeves from riding up
6 - Secure zipper pocket to stash your cards, keys and sport snacks
7 - Emergency hair tie for mid-run crisis!
8 - $99 (!!!)


Marci said...

I like the first 5 minutes pullover- looks really pretty in lagoon. The tang light flow Y bra I have does not look highlighter orange - maybe the fabric is a different tone with the new running top? Mine looks bright (like orange sherbert), but fluorescent orange. Thanks for posting those new products!

LuluAddict said...

@ Marci - You may be right about Tang Light in luon not being super bright. I saw it in the luxtreme All Sport bra and Silverescent. I didn't look at the Flow Ys. However, the running luon Energy Pullover was overwhelmingly bright.

pilatesmom said...

Don't care for the pullover. Looks like the kind of windbreaker you get for kids that fold up into the front pocket kanga pouch.

KCartier said...

Picture of the tang light energy pullover? if you see one around :)

mollywaffles said...

Old Navy has a "rain jacket in a packet" that easily folds up to fit in a purse for under $20 :-p
Though I know the Old Navy version does not have circle mesh...haha.

I wonder how fitted the pullover is? Good to know it's so light weight, probably not worth the price. I have a Columbia vented rain jacket for running in the rain and a pretty Boden mac for rainy days when I'm dressed nicely in work clothes.