Friday, February 5, 2010

Rewind Oversize Tee Plus Random Stuff

Rewind Oversize Tee
The new Rewind Oversize Tee everyone on the Facebook site is oohing and ahhing over. From this photo, it looks pretty ordinary to me. I'm rather tired of all the tees/tops that are tight at the hips. Why don't they bring back the BBB Racer? I love mine. It has these great double unfinished edges at the sleeves and bottom and the wide neckline is perfect for showing off the straps of a Flow Y or Deep V bra.

Senorita Pink / Bold Blue Space Dye Stride Jacket
So, have any of you seen this lovely Stride Jacket in the stores? These photos don't do it justice. It's Senorita Pink with Bold Blue Space Dye.Yum!

Senorita Pink Flight Running Bonnet
My Senorita Pink Flight Running Bonnet came today. I'm glad I got this and not the Sidewalk gray. It's a bit brighter than the photo but I like it. I wish they put the visor on the website, too. Now, I have to make a trip to the stores this weekend. *Sigh* ;-)

Supercheap $9 Not So Deep V in Caribe
I also ordered the loot special $9 Deep V in Caribe. I have  a couple of matching items:

Yes, I have worn these Grooves to the gym - once. I felt a little smurfy and I was paranoid about butt sweat  but they're awesome for around the house. Plus, I give the neighbors a treat when I get the mail.
My new Deep V bra doesn't look as good as I thought it would under these tops. This Flow Y works better:

Do any of you layer the Not So Deep V bra under a tank? What does it look good with that would still show a little of it? I might have to find a shirt to put over it instead. I am wearing my blue BBB racer which doesn't look bad since it has a wide neck and shows a bit of the straps and back.


Anonymous said...

"Plus, I give the neighbors a treat when I get the mail", LOL I just love you!

pilatesmom said...

I have not found the not so deep V bra to be great under any tanks. Pretty much the only tanks I have without a built-in are cool racerbacks. I usually wear Y bras under it. However, the scoopneck bra also works well under it (and leaves a nice half-moon of color layer at the chest - more color showing there than the Y) also found that the sale sattvic bra I got hides completely under it except for the straps which peak out on either side of the racerback - the bra straps do have adjusters so they look "bra-ish" but I don't really mind that.

Dori said...

I think I absolutely need that Rewind Oversized Tee! I love shirts that fit like that so I can keep my jeans button open. Haha. Looks great, can't wait to try one.

The only Lulu bra that fits me is the TaTa Tamer. All the others are too small in one size, too big in the next.

pilatesmom said...

would never spend my lulu bucks on the rewind. nothing special about it. I prefer my clothing fitted and if it isn't fitted it has to have interesting design elements (such as the savasana wrap or the gratitude wrap).

Marci said...

I have that senorita pink stride jacket, and I love it!!! It looks amazing on too, very flattering.
I like the tee, but I wonder what the price point will be?

trisha said...

I actually don't like the new tee but the BBB racer looks so pretty! I wish they'd bring that back, too.

I am kind of intrigued by the new Flashback pullover hoodie...I love french terry and don't like the Remix hoodies because I find them too thick and boxy (I am rather small and live in Southern California). I'm hoping a local store gets it in soon.

LuluAddict said...

@pilatesmom - I never thought of trying a Scoop Neck bra under the cool racerback before . I'll have to try it. The Scoop Neck would probably give me more support than the Flow Y.