Thursday, February 25, 2010

Real Life Pics - Sneak a Peak Short, Sway Jacket, Pranotthana crop, Clarity Vest

Sway Jacket and Pranotthana crop from front - blah!
I think the stripes are what makes this outfit ugly and cheap looking because the back view is much better:

Much cuter from the back

Sneak a Peek Short - proportions all wrong
Good idea, bad execution. 

Clarity Vest - See Through!
This photo illustrates how see-through the Clarity Vest is. The new 1st 5 Minutes Pullover is made of the same, see-through material. These two items are way overpriced for what you get. Buyer beware.


Lacey said...

yuk yuk yuk! Why is lululemon coming out with so many over priced items? They can do better than that!

Anonymous said...

You said "Blah" for the sway jacket and crops....did you not like both items or just paired together? I am a little drawn to the sway jacket....don't know why....did you see the other colours in it? Can you give me your opinion? I wear mostly blacks and greys and wondering which colour would be more's so hard to tell from pictures....did you try it on?

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon - My blah was for the outfit as a whole. They probably should have paired the darker jacket on top to pick up the stripes in the pant. The Sway jacket is cute from behind but I still don't care for the stripes on the shoulders - unnecessary - or the cowl neck in the front.

The crops aren't bad by themselves but I don't like the stripes down the leg. The top stripe is ok. The striping also limits the choices of what to match on top with the crops. I'd much prefer if they added detail by using decorative seaming.

I haven't tried on the Sway jacket. I don't think it arrived in my store yet. I prefer the darker version (see a couple of posts down) in the heathered charcoal (at least I think it's heathered charcoal). I like a darker color because it's easier to keep clean. Here is a pic of a darker version but it has horrible purple stripes on it:!/photo.php?pid=3626992&id=114034581698&fbid=316874006698.

I'll try to find the different colors it comes in but right now I'm having trouble coming up with it.

I'm not that into Lululemon's french terry jackets in general, with the exception of the Remix Lulu Lights and the Wear With All.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feeback....I agree about the stripes on the sleeves...FYI, the colours that were released are heathered charcoal, dark classic sport grey/senorita pink, classic sport grey (which I believe has the darker sripe on the sleeve) and heathered athletica grey.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the sway jacket will be over-sized. It looks way too big on the model. I hope they make them in a size 2.

Also, what's with the thumbholes? All the jackets Lulu has come out with lately all have them. I mean I love the holes and they keep my hands toasty, but what happened to variety? I wish the define jacket came with no holes so I can wear it like a normal jacket.

Anonymous said...

I talked to the seamstress in our local store the other day...and as long the sleeve on the define jacket is long enough for you without the thumbhole portion and a bit for hemming, the sleeve can be shortened.

I am waiting until she gets the new thread colors and then will start the shortening process.

I now have 4 defines and am contemplating a 5th--there have been so few jackets I have liked that when I find one I go wild. I like a size 4 for working out and a 6 for everyday casual.

mollywaffles said...

i liked the sway jacket better in the darkey gray too. the stripes blend in a little better in that darker colorway.

i think the Sneak a Peak short looks better in the charcoal/blue than the orange/gray combo from the other day, but still not up my alley.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear from someone about the fit of the sway jacket...true to size, size down...getting different opinions everywhere!

Erin said...

I tried the Sway Jacket yesterday and I found it to be cute but for the price I would rather by a functional running jacket or another remix. Just not worth the price for something I can't see getting a lot of use out of.

Rose Taylor said...

wow, i love that sway jacket...i can imagine wearing it to meet friends for coffee, a day of studying, shopping, everything!

i might have to invest in one...:) thanks for posting!