Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real Life Photos of the New Stuff in Stores

Tang Light All Out Tank
I saw a post on the Lululemon Facebook site that Tang Light Cool Racerbacks are in stores in Australia so I hope that means they'll be coming to the US soon. This is a very pretty color. However, not so pretty is...

Scoop Neck in Tang Light Space Dye
More Space Dye! When will it end?

Define in Dark Classic Sport Gray
The photo was labeled Dark Classic Sport Gray but it looks a lot like the Define in the Gray Pique (shown below). I have to say I love the whole outfit. So neat and not at all schlumpy! ;-)

Define In Gray Pique
It's hard to tell from this photo but pique is luon with a texture and is horizontally ribbed. It's very soft and quite unique looking.
True  Color Representation of Senorita Pink Running Bonnet
The photo of the Senorita Pink Running Bonnet is kind of washed out on the website. This photo captures the brightness of the color much better.

Organic Cotton Rib Leggings - Very Comfortable!
Pick Me Up Bra
The Pick Me Up bra looks as low cut as it did in the product alert photo.

Too Cool Tunic in Black - It also comes in white



pilatesmom said...

While I like tang and I like space dye, the tang spacedye looks pretty pukey. I'll have to keep an eye out for the define pique - I have wunder unders in it and love it. My grey and pink running bonnets arrived and are way to huge for my not small head so I returned them (can't believe they didn't allow for adjustment) - but I do have the adjustable visor on the way. Really want the cool racerback to come out in light tang...

Flaneuse said...

Love that define jacket.

Betty said...

The Run Distance hat I bought from the loot is a bit large too. But it is adjustable in the back.

Dori said...

The organic rib cotton leggings look nice. I'd love to try them.

houndlvr67 said...

I have the Stride Jacket in gray pique and it is VERY wearable...even looks good with jeans. Just a warning, it does pill a bit on the inner arm seams, but nothing major. I would be very tempted to buy the Define in it as well, as the Define really makes one look "put together".
It is sad that the only prints that the graphic design team can come up with include stripes or space dye. I just don't understand what demographic that they are attempting to target (as has been pondered before). I've run a few of these prints past my 20 year old nieces and friends, and the current prints all get a *YUK* response.

mollywaffles said...

Say no to Space Dye.
And as I posted under another entry, I don't really like the white with stripes pattern on the Scoop Neck Tank.
This coming from a 26 year old.

Does the Define have a nice little back vent there? I like it in both shades of gray.

Not liking the organic cotton leggings...they look less flattering in the bum than my luxtreme tights, and cotton isn't really ideal for sweaty activities anyway (my opinion, at least).

Anonymous said...

Oh man that tunic is so awful. I would not be caught dead wearing that horrible thing. Sorry to be negative but seriously....

Marci said...

I cannot stand that space dye!!! Enough lulu design team, use your imagination pleasssee!! Yuck!

I tried on the define in the gray pique, it was nice.

LuluAddict said...

@Mollywaffles - the upper back part of the Stride is separate from the lower portion so there is venting. I think they are connected by mesh but I can't remember, it's been awhile since I tried it on.

I agree about the rib leggings being hot. I think they are nice on colder days for around the house or out and about with a longer top over them.

pamela said...

the tunic reminds me of a halloween costume from the flintstones...heheh. it's brutal.